My new blog appearance {credits}

by - November 15, 2013

At first, I have no thoughts to change my blog's appearance, but since I have been more active in Pinterest, I start in love with some boards which are filled with blog designs. And I found some blogs that have pastel and well-made appearance, such as the velvet bow, a creative mint, and more.

I am really inspired by those pastelish designs in pinterest. I wanted get those packs of template, but the price was really expensive for me. And it's in dollar, while I have no paypal account. So, I tried to make my template by myself. I found some nice social media icons, but when I clicked..... $$$. I appreciated their work though, so I didn't take the pictures and crop them because I'm not a stealer.

Day by day passed, and I was still pinning some blog design inspirations. And finally I decided to change my blog appearance although I am not mastering html/css. I finally found some nice sources which give cute freebies of fonts, social media icons, and frames. This post a credit to some links that give freebies blog design stuffs such as fonts, frames, brushes, etc. Thankyou so muchhh! *kiss*

Watercolor tutorial // Pastel Girl blog by Sabila Anata
Fonts & Dingbats // Miss Tiina // Ella Claire // At home in love // A subtle revelry
Social media icons // Carie loves

Thankyou for all of your support guys, lovers and haters, I love y'all! ❤ ❤ 

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  1. the new design is so cute Lis :D love it! Gw nanti pas liburan mau ganti design juga nihhh

    Pudding Monster

  2. love the new design <3
    nice outfit! aku juga kalo abis foto outfit biasanya lepas jaket atau naikin lengan bajunya haha. Jakarta is just too hot *_*
    visit my blog if you want :D

  3. Thanks for your nice comments. Love your inspiring blog :)

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