Lips on My Shirt

by - November 06, 2013

Guess you have been so bored withh my travel post, so I decided to take some  photos for my outfit yesterday. I was going to mall with my mom and dad, but mom  left us to meet her old friends and I entered some stores there with my dad.

p.s: I didn't wear my sunnies, headband, leather jacket, and my heels to mall though.... And I rolled up my sleeves to make it more casual haha!

p.s.s: So sorry I can't reply your comments one by one, but I try my best!

Tally Weijl leather jacketAupie Lip shirt - Forever21 pants - Chocolate Schubar shoes - Coach bag - DIY flower headband - Lookdeloop round sunnies

Please pardon my weird face, I know I'm not photogenic though. It was also my brother who wasn't in his mood, so he didn't want to take photos outside -__-

What I was wearing in these photos are my favorite apparels now. I bought my leather jacket in Berlin if I don't mistaken. Tally weijl is an European brand, and this jacket was really cheap. I bought it only 24 euro. I also love my pants, they are so stretch. And also my bag from Coach, it is the best bag I've ever had! 

Anyway, do you like my shirt? The lips pattern is sooooooo cute! I got it from Aupie. It is a new online shopping website which has lots of nice apparels. And for my review, the shirt's material is really nice. It's flowy, breezy and soft. If you want to get one like mine, visit their website, and choose!

To visit Aupie Website, click HEREEEEE!

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  1. headband + sunnies is such a perfect combo! totally lovee it lisa >< omg mau bgt leather jacket nya!
    i rlly need a decent leather jacket recently. next time aku balik jkt lets meet up ;)

  2. wow, felt in love with your blouse!

  3. loving your shirt lis! tasnya kece gitu pulaaa wkwkwk.. btw suka sama layout baru blog luu :D lebih fresh dan cheerful, ga monochromatic kayak yg sebelumnya... emang lu itu teenvogue model verified abis lahh (y)

    semangat buat UUB akhir nov mendatang!

  4. you look so cute and sweet lis..
    love your shirt and heels <3

  5. you look so cute and sweet lis..
    love your shirt and heels <3

  6. love your shirt and headband! =*

  7. I really like that outfit. Great.

  8. Your prints shirt is so cute :D


  9. Cute lisa ♥♥♥
    I love your top :)

  10. cute as always:))

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  14. super stunning and swag from head to toe girl! :D miss ya Lisaaaaaa! xx

    Pudding Monster

  15. beyond cool and pretty!
    cute shirt Lisa! :D

  16. cute top and anyway you look so pretty :D

    cheer, michelle

  17. I would love to see a girl wearing that outfit in a mall, though. Especially with the jacket and the headband (;

    Freedom & Its Owner -

  18. You have a great sense of style c:
    Love that blouse with the smoochy
    lips ^^ Cute floral headband as
    well! Xx

  19. you look so lovely, love your bag xx

  20. Hi dear, you have such a lovely blog! Maybe we can follow each other on GFC and on the other social networks?! Let me know, i’ll following u back with pleasure :) ♥

    My Blog ♥

  21. cute hair piece and I love your bag!
    let me know what you think about my last post :)

    ­­Wulan Wu on

  22. cool outfit! love the lip shirt! <3

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