Moin Moin

by - November 15, 2013

Hey guys! My face gets swollen by days, I think all of my fat goes to my cheeks so my face looks so round now. I'm pretty sad than I'm fatter than before but you only live once sooooo.... yeah.

Reserved Plaid Shirt - Zara indigo pants - Grendha red flats - Guess sling bag - Moin Moin beanie

Story about my stuffs:
I bought the pretty plaid shirt from a local store in Poland called "Reserved", I believe that this store is as nice and famous as Zara, HnM, Topshop, etc in Europe region. Sadly this store doesn't open their branch outside Europe region but I hope I could shop here again. The stuffs were quite shopisticated yet minimalist, and I love the store sooo much!

I also bought my beanie in one souvenir shop in Hamburg. Hamburg is famous for its harour so, there were many sailor-y stuffs such as sailor beanie, stripes shirt, and many more. Really love the word 'moin moin' although I don't know the meaning of it actually.

I tried to rock the preppy school girl look with this buttoned up plaid shirt. Sorry if I failed! It was really hot in Jakarta actually so after a few minutes trying the preppy look, I rolled up my sleeves and made my shirt loose hahaah.

my face is rounder by days and I don't know how to make my face slimmer. Mom tought me that diet is not the way.  I looked so freakin fat :(

Anyway these photos were taken a long long time ago in my mid semester holiday, and I went to a mall near my house at that day. My moody brother was in a very good mood so he was willing to take some photos of me.

lovely -i don't know the name- flower.

have a nice day peopleeee! xx

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  1. this is a casual yet super cute look
    I love the beanie!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. simple style but always look amazing :D

  3. simple but so gorgeous as always Lisa! :D

    Pudding Monster

  4. plaid shirt, plaid shirt everywhere :D

    simple but still pretty <3<3

  5. Simple yet gorgeous look!<3
    I just followed you via gfc, mind to follow back? (:

  6. lisa,tambah cantik terus di tiap post ({})
    love the outfit1


  7. loving the look and super cute beanie :D

  8. suka sekali plaid top nya lisaaa >< love this casual look of yours! haduduu aku jg gendutan inii omg mukaku tambah bulet juga :c

  9. suka sekali plaid top nya lisaaa >< love this casual look of yours! haduduu aku jg gendutan inii omg mukaku tambah bulet juga :c

  10. iih gendutan dr mana say tetep kiyut yg penting hahaha. loving the tartan shirt anw ;)


  11. Love your shirt dear :D


  12. Hello there!
    Great post here!!
    Your checks top's so cute!!
    And I am so in love with your blog header, who made it anyway?

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  14. ♥ I love your hat MOIN MOIN :) Lisa ~

  15. Great and I like that shirt.

  16. very nice shirt!!! love tartan =P

  17. Thanks for your nice comments. Love your inspiring blog :)

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