Today is triple eleven, but mine is Tenth!

by - November 11, 2011

          Bonjour ami! Hey all, today I got so much time to post this things on blog. Today is 11-11-11 and this was a great day. But you know, my great day isn't today (the eleventh one) but yesterday, the tenth. Why? because Iofficially become16th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  (10-11-11) A little photos yesterday, when I ate with my lovely mother and brother. I felt so happy when my mother father and brother gave me happy birthday greetings, my friend mentioned me via twitter, bbm, and text message, it was a wondreful day//Yeah, though it was my birthday, but I got two hard exams, such as Mathematics and Geography, and I started to study around 8 o'clock. Insane, huh? I study until it was 1:00 AM and I felt so tired and then sleep..... This two weeks will hectic weeks...

 my mom and maids made this for my birthday party :')

thankyou mom, dad, brother and friends :')

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  1. wow, everything look so delicious! I want to eat it all!
    By the way, I just found your blog and I have to say that I really like it!– your style is original and I read your blog with alot of pleasure. I adore blog like yours so.. I just wonder..if we could follow each other..Please answer! But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader

    with love,
    your opinion is VERY important for me!

  2. well HAPPY BORN DAY sweety :) wish you all d'best and can get what you want.sorry im late , its better than never ,right ? :D
    so happy b'day ♥

  3. happy birthday dear :) whishes all the best. hmmm lok so nyumy for nasi kuning :)
    mind to follow each other?

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Hun =D I waaaaant that dish =D

    Lovely blog hun, want to follow each other??

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose

  5. wow what a feast!
    love your blog too btw, now a follower :)

    follow back? eye_spy

  6. Mmm...beaucoup de choses appetissantes!:)
    Angela Donava

  7. Hi just passing by to see ur blog
    its super cool
    come to visit me too


  8. Happy belated birthday - the food looks amazing!x

  9. big thanks esp for Ci Michelle, Carol, and Wynne! Proud to be commented <3

  10. Happy belated birthday. May your dream comes true. May your fam spoiled you. GBU!


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