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by - November 18, 2011

How I love blogging! Long time no see guys, I've spent this pathetic-two weeks with exams, tasks, and homework. Truly, I feel so tired, I slept about 12:00 PM or 01:00 AM per day, and I just slept for about 5 until 6 hours per day. Life's seems so pathetic. I must study hard to get good score. Today is Friday, and I could say 'TGIF' means Thanks God It's Friday (for you who don't know). ah, today I can post this, sleep earlier (about 9:00 PM maybe :p) and take a rest for a while. I love blogging, sadly I must study hard til' I can't browse internet or even just watch TV for SeaGames! ergh. I miss other master bloggers' blogposts and I just could see from my twitter (in my BB). I know, all things need sacrifice. I must be patient to get my goal, my success. This is random post, about my thoughts, feelings, outfits, and more.....

I need much time to post this while my Laptop battery is decreasing. Why does blogger run very slow? My internet connection was strong but it take more minutes..

Today's post is my old photos(again, old) in Tribeca Park Central Park West Jakarta. I love take photos here, the view is really great. I edited my photos in as usual, using 1960's effect. I still used  my old pocket camera Pentax Optio S50. Photographed by father. I hope you enjoy my post! :)

 with my brother
bad bangs-_-
N/2 New Two Fashion pink shirts - Zara black pants - Giovanni shoes - unbranded belt - Dai Er Sheng bag

Just have this time to post this, every Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday? Again and again, study. I'm not a school-freak, but it's a must. Next two three weeks will be more pathetic, the final exams. Wish me luck, wish you luck too! Enjoy, xx

PS :I changed my header, because the old one seems worse than this. What do you think? Have you ever seen that outfit? Nope? Next time I'll publish them!

2PM - Hands Up *too bad I couldn't join their concert in Jakarta :( because lots of exams !

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  1. cool blog! you have some fun pix on here :) im going to follow your blog, check mine out sometime and maybe youd like to follow back <3

  2. Elles sont tres jolies tes photos;)biz

    Angela Donava

  3. you look cute ! love your shirt :D
    i wish i could come to their concert in jkt too !

    The Endless Wishlist

  4. cute top and bag dear! looking lovely <3 and yes, i would :)

  5. You're adorable! Good luck with your school work. x hivenn

  6. followed back. :)

  7. nice shirt and happy belated birthday :)

  8. Thank you for dropping by my blog sweety ;)
    Wow, wht time was it? When you took those photos? Central park seems so quite ;)

  9. awwww :) thank you all for ur comments :')


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