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by - November 04, 2011

Ha! Again for the new post. Lots of time I needed to edit all of my photos for this post. Next week maybe the busiest week ever, I will have a lot of exams and tasks! ergh, everyday I'll get exams. So, I willnot blog that much. Hmm, by the way, tomorrow is my school's cup closing, PASS4! It should be great, because there will be lotsa artists like Tompi, B2B. and Raditya Dika.

Okay, these are my photos when I want to Grand Indonesia. My friend made her birthday party here, but because of her friend's late, and I was so starving, so my family and I searched first, and I decided not to enjoy and join her birthday party. Sooo, I choose 'Hanei' Restaurant. It was quite good, but I love X.O more.

yeah, enjoy xx

with no flash-
with flash-

my little brother with his silly face. Haha!

Guess Grey Dress - Guess red watch - Bellevue Flats - Diesel Black Bag *ah, the third photo is my favorite, but I got miss-editing, and I'm too lazy to edit it again :(*

*by the way, I've good news. My blog is proggresing month by month, I'm very happy (:*

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  1. hy sweety, followed you now!!
    keep in touch<3


  2. Great post dear! Mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. YA AMPUN LISA.... KAMU ANAK SMAK4 O_O hahahaha aku senior kamu dong.. aku lulusan taun 2007. salam yaaa buat bu ningrum pak heri dan lain2 ;) hehehehe


  4. great progressive movement! congratulations Lisa, keep it up!



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