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by - November 01, 2011

Today, I'm not going to give you any outfit post, but I give you my interview via e-mail with Caroline Robianto, the pretty and stylish girl behind her blog, CarolCoraline. After I sent her an e-mail in the afternoon, she replied it in the night. Oh my, I learned so many things from her, especially I love her style, she is very very humble. She wanted to replied my e-mail although I'm not a famous blogger!

 here it is, this is one of her photos from her post, EGGPLANT

Wanna see her face? here it is..

Here is my little interview with her!

1. Please kindly introduce yourself.
* my name is Caroline Robianto and im 22 years old ;)
2. When did you start becoming interested in fashion?
* since i was young. Around junior high school :D
3. When did you start interested in blogging world, especially fashion blog?
* i've been blogging about my personal stuff since 2004, but blogged about fashion since 2009

4. Define your style in 3 words!
* moody, chic, colorful

5. Your favorite blogs, brands, and fashion icon... ?
* my fav blog would be Sea of Shoes, Streetfsn, JakandJil, Fashion Squad, Studded Hearts. I love ZARA, Topshop, Miss Selfridge for retails. I love MiuMiu Alexander McQueen Marchesa Lanvin for high end brands. My fashion icons... GD&TOP! Anna Dello Russo, Daphne Guiness, Kate Bosworth, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo.

6. I heard that you love korea too (like me). Beside big bang, who is your idol from k-pop artist?
* hmm i love 2NE1, SNSD, MissA, Super Junior too :D

7. How to be a popular fashion blogger (like you)? 
* i'm not popular really.. but just be who you are :)
 You see? She's so humble. I learned so many things from her (: She's stylish, hardworker, and also humble.

Little fact about her (based from Looks Magazine September 2011) :
Formerly, she made a fashion blog which shown her outfit with rebel  and edgy style, but she was pretty insecure about her blog then. She felt not good with her blog especially with her style, so she went for 'style searching' for a while, and now she comes back with her fascinated style!

follow her twitter @sergeantkero :D

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  1. Love her!! Her blog is inspired me..<3

    I'm following you now!!

    Feel free to check and follow my blog.
    I'm a new blogger :)Keep in touch.

  2. Caroline is indeed a sweet fashionable icon! I love her style too, and i love her blog way more now than i did last time.

    re: aww, too bad you didn't participate. don't worry Liz, i'll be holding up more giveaways for sure!


  3. well done dear! good job :)
    anyway check out mine if you have a chance :)

  4. Thank's for sharing this..
    Well, I straightly go to her website after read your post. And yeah,, she was amazing.. :)


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