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by - November 24, 2011

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 My brother.

 Me and my cousin.

 Again, me and my cousin.

 my outfit at that time : Monkichi pink-tshirt, bought in Hongkong, Mom's handmade floral skirt, Dai Er Sheng bag, Gosh Silver Sandals.

Photos' story : This post is a kind of rewinding post. What an awesome night! Spent my night with my family in Bandung a few months ago, one of the nicest place in Indonesia. Ate and took some photos there, in front of the lucky fountain. The place is really nice, it's like a foodcourt but designed as a cafe.

 Still, Dai Er Sheng Bag, and floral skirt, but different shirt. Thight shocking pink t-shirt from Disneyland Hongkong.

Photos' story : I spent my day about a week there, I ate and tried the Bandung traditional and famous foods such as Batagor, Brownies Amanda, Martabak Sakura, and many more. It's kind of food adventure, haha. Took those photos in Trans Studio, inside Bandung Supermall. But I shopped many there. 

Photo credit: Taken by brother and mom - with T1000 Samsung Camera (it has broken since a few weeks ago )

My diary : Ah! Such hard week(s). As you've known (if you read my blogposts) I've got a lot of homeworks, tasks and TESTS this three weeks. And next week I'll have final test/exam. Feel pathetic but I must do it. Thanks God I get good score in my exams that been passed. And start from tomorrow, I won't touch my laptop anymore. I want to be focus. I want to get good score. Tomorrow is a free day, I will have Teachers' day event in my school so I can post this for the bye-bye post. Sooo, this is my last post until I finish my exam in about the second week of December. So please pray for me and my exams. bye! xx

My plan for December : post my old photos than the new one, post my holiday photos (if it's not need much time for the photo size) and also GIVEAWAY!

xx - lisa

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