I'm on the "LOOK 10"

by - October 08, 2011

Bongiarno bloggers and readers (; I am posting this post at this beautiful morning. Yesterday, I opened my e-mail and found a message in my inbox which  told me that I'm featured in LOOK10. Yippie, I'm so happy (: I just randomly submit my looks when I was blog-walking and they featured me! You can see my look here and these are the photo details.

By the way, my idols from Indonesia Fashion Bloggers "Wynne Prasetyo" is also featured by LOOK10. you can see here

  Thank you for your time to read this post. I'm nothing without you all. I want to post my last sweet memories with my bestfriend, Michelle, Dioni and Karina. I'll post a rewinding post : Tribeca Vintage as soon as possible. But sadly, my friend Dioni didn't join the photoshoot. That photoshoot was made because of our farewell party of graduation in 2010 (from Junior High School). aaah, so sad. Details and photos asap!

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