Dear diary

by - October 04, 2011

         Hello everybody (: Thank you for your few time to read or see my blog. I'm very proud of it, really appreciate it. But sometimes, I get pessimist feeling. You see, I just have few followers, and maybe my blog won't be as success as another blogger. Sometimes I feel sad when people don't like and moke my blog. Especially one of my friend. He speaks without manner, and he always speaks bad words. First moment, when I sat in my chair and he ran, suddenly he stumbled my chair, and he spoke 'a****g' to me. Hey boy, I am a human, not a dog. Please take care of your attitude. I didn't feel that I mad mistake, but he stumbled himself, although it's a kind of coincidence. Second moment, when he saw my blog URL, and he said 'Oh you make a blog? What kind of blog? G*blog?' I know that he always does that and it has become his behaviour to say 'bad words' but I don't like it. Please preserve your BAD attitude. I feel sad, I feel pessimist.

        Today, I got religion lesson. My teacher Sir Nuryanto, said that we must give thank to God, for everything He has given to us. He said that there's a lot of people who have worse destiny than us. He said that when we feel bad to our life, to our body, to our weakness, we should also thank to God and believe that God has the best things for us. He has planned everything that is better than another people. God has his own planning!

        By the way, you must see my friend's blog and tumblr, Helena. Oh my Gosh, I feel amazed to her blog and tumblr. Her blog and tumblr is just really amazing and interesting!

Outfit of the day: 'Polkadot Affair, Purple Love'

What to wear: Purple Polkadot Unbranded Blouse - Unbranded Legging - Bellagio Strappy Shoes - Braun Buffel Bag (mom's) - random accecories (Tiffany's Room Head-Craft - Bali Beaded Bangle - Mickey Mouse bracelet from Hongkong Disneyland)

Sorry for bad resolution photos, yeah because this is my very-old photos, haha. Too lazy and too late to be posted. 
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  1. whatta cute outfit ! love the "affair" ;) btw, thanks for promoting me :')

  2. aww, i left photos unpublished too sometimes haha

  3. Will be very soon, thank you for your message.
    Greetings Vicen.

  4. thankyou so much guys esp. Ci Wynne and Ci Michelle! :D

  5. Hello , you are already on "LOOK 10", if you are interested, please check and do some comment.

    Pick your prize, "AWARD", if you want. It’s for your blog.


  6. thank you for the sweet words, dear, but please refrain from calling me ci.. i shouldn't be that old already. :)

  7. thank you all (: thankyou for Vicen's feature and thankyou for talisha's comment!


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