December fashion icon - Lourdes Leon

by - December 16, 2010

Lourdes Leon (born October 14th 1996), She is the first daughter of a famous singer, Madonna. Her style is grunge and unique,so I really love her. Lourdes and Madonna seems not like mother and daughter but like sister. She also has a beautiful face so I adore her so much :)    

She is now busy with her clothing line "Material Girl" and it made with her mother. They use Taylor Momsen as their model icon. Her grunge style is so unique and her material girl maybe successed. two thumbs up :)

Hmm, although her style is different with my style but I can say her : "Lady Grunge" because of her brave to use that clothes :)

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  1. I think she looks great and is developing her own style, which can't be easy. Though having her mother's closet definitely helps.


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