by - May 03, 2017

These photos were taken when I went to AEON Mall. This is my first time wearing a flare pants / wide leg pants. As I said before in my last post, 60s and 70s trend is again a trend nowadays. At first I wasn't confident wearing this kind of pants because I feel weird wearing this, but mom told me that I look good with these pants. So here it is, me wearirng the flare pants!

A tip for you when you wanna wear flare pants: Use a crop shirt / t-shirt / blouse. If you wear baggy or loose shirt, you'll look like a sack. If you have no crop top, you can tuck your top inside the pants. Don't ever let your long top cover your flare pants because you'll look like a sack (this is only tips though, if you want to wear your way, wear it!)

CARLA willow top - LEAF flare pants - VICTORIA blue shoes - COACH bag

See you in another STYLE TREND <3
Photo by: ALWINWH

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  1. You look gorgeous ^^


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