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Bell sleeves top is really on trend right now. This trend was actually booming around the 60s or 70s centuries but now it's on trend. I was sent this sweater top from Romwe, and I managed to make a black and white look with this top.

ROMWE bell sleeves top - CARLA pants - DIANA pointy loafers - EVB monochrome bag - LEE COOPER eyeglasses

Let's talk about the brand. Romwe is fashion brand from China which provides lots of clothing items in their website, which also named Romwe. There are some complaints towards this brand's clothing item, whether the items are too small, or the sewing is not good. In my own experience, the shipping is neither too late or too fast, it was 2 weeks antil it arrived at my house. 
The product itself..... to be honest I was a bit dissapointed because it's not the material i was expecting. I thought it would be  in cotton material, but it is actually made from wool (it's knitted). I  think I won't wear it in the future unless I am in the AC room. 
Another reason about my dissapointment is about the sleeves' part. Because it is made from wool and it's knitted, the surface of some sleeves' part were kinda uneven There were wool inside the cloth that is kinda wad so it makes the sweater looks not that great.
But nevertheless, I like the sweater, it's comfortable and fit my body perfectly. It's also not baggy.  

I used to be ashame when I took photos and then my face looks chubby in the photo. But as times goes by I realized that everyone should embrace their own body and not to be ashamed of it. I have a chubby face, if I'm proud and confident with it, there's no problem with it. So I decided to post this photo of my chubby face :p

To be honest, I have never worn bell sleeves top, and this item is actually not my style. I don't feel confident enough to wear something unique like this. But for this outfit post, I'm trying to be confident!

Black and white outfit, known as monochrome is my go to outfit. I love to use black and white outfit simply because it's effortless, we don't have to think hard about pairing what colors suitable with other colors, it's also elegant, because there are nor many colors in an outfit, and these kind of colors make me mature more. Hahaha. I do love black & white. How about you, do you love monochrome too? :)

P.s: if you want to have some apparels from Romwe feel free to click HERE


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  1. great!! you look so pretty dear :)

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  2. it looks great on you!

  3. OMG I really love your outfit here <3
    You look pretty as well.

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

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  4. hi!! may i know how you can manage to get a shipping from romwe to indonesia? i tried to put my address but unfortunately they dont have indonesia :(

    1. Hi I actually was sent by them so I didn't really check out from the website. But as far as I know they did shipping to Indonesia back then, and I've just tried and now they don't ship to Indonesia anymore, so I don't really know why.


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