Battle of Sheet Masks (Korean vs Japanese vs Taiwanese) Review

by - March 26, 2017


Hi guys! I finally have some time to blog despite of all assignments I got from my studies. I am so busy these days, but I am really eager to do this post! Today I wanna share to you some sheet masks I've been buying for the past one year, and what pros and cons from each brand. I've been a fan of sheet masks since ages because they're really soothing and mosturizing my dry skin.I choose sheet masks rather than those kind of masks in a jar (paste consistency) because these ones are more gentle for my skin. The jar ones are more for peeling and stuffs. 

I've ever heard that when you use sheet masks, don't use it too long. The sheet masks' company itself tells us to use the mask for only 15 to 20 minutes. Some people may be like "Ah, I'll wear it longer so my skin will be more mosturized." If you do that, your skin will not be mosturized, but absorbed. But this opinion isn't so valid whatsoever because I only heard it from influencers on instagram, but you should just follow the instruction! Hehe

Korean sheet masks will expire three years after they were produced. So you have plenty of times to use it before 3 years. I usually use sheet mask every weekend.

For your information, my favorite sheet mask variant are Aloe Vera and Cucumber, In the post below, I'll share to you guys the comparison between Korea, Japan and Taiwan sheet masks. And I will also share to you which ones are my favorite and which ones I don't like. Enjoy!


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I got this mask from my cousin when she came back from Korea. I really like the dof packaging. The variant of the mask is Pomegranate.  The ingredients is not only in Korean, but also English, so we can understand what's the consistency and how to use it. The price is about $1.

Pros: I like the sheet's texture. It's gentle and not rough. The mask's size is okay, it fits my face.
Cons: I don't like the smell of it, it's not refershing at all. Maybe because of the variant? I've never smell a Pomegranate, though. When I used it, it's soothing at first, but after some minutes, I felt my face kinda burned and after I took it of, my face turned red. Ugh.
Score: 6/10.
Maybe I must use another variant to test it out.

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This mask is really famous, especially in Indonesia. The packaging is really cute and simple, with a dof material. I bought two variants, one is Aloe Vera and the other is Hyaluronic Acid. It has English in the ingredients. The price is about $1.2. I bought em in an online shop called Beautyglowing.
Untuk Varian Aloe Vera:
Pros: The sheet's material is thin so it sticks to my face. The water is a lot. The mask fits my face. perfectly. 
Cons: Mask's color is a bit yellowy, the sheet's texture is not really gentle. The hole for the eyes and nose is small. In my opinion, this mask isn't that good for me. When I opened it, the smell is kinda minty, more lie balm. When I used it, my face felt burned, like using a mint balm on your face. After 5 minutes, I took it off because I couldn't bear with it. Finally, my face turned red.
BUT, my mother is okay with it although her face is more sensitive than mine. Maybe it depends on your face condition, whether the masks are suitable for you or not. 
Score: 4.5/10
Untuk Varian Hyaluronic Acid:
Pros:  The sheet's material is thin, the water is a lot. It felt cool on my face. The mask fits my face perfectly.
Cons: This one is better than the Aloe Vera one. The cons are the same with Aloe Vera. It still smelled minty / balmy.
Score: 6.5/10

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I have a high expectation on this, because this mask is really raved by lots of beauty bloggers and vloggers. They say this is really good. The packaging itself is dof, I bought the Aloe Vera one. There also English in ingredients, so it makes us easier to understand. The price is about  $1.3 in beautyglowing online shop.
Pros: It feels cool on my face and really soothing. The cooling effect is pretty long.
Cons: My expectation is too high on this shee mask. The mask's size is a little big for my face (see, it wrinkles). The paper is soo fragile so it will easily torn. The smell is not refreshing.
Score: 7/10.

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I also got these from my cousing when she came back from Korea. This mask is difficult to find in Indonesia, because lots of online shops only sell Etude House and Innisfree. I got the Aloe Vera & Honey variant. They have dof  packaging, and they have English instruction for the ingredients. The price is about $1.1 in Indonesia's online shop.

Varian Aloe Vera
Pros: It fits my face perfectly, and it even covers my underchin area. It really soothing for my face. The cooling sensation is great, and I really like the smell of it. The mask's texture is a little thick, and it has decent holes to fit my eyes and lips.
Cons: The cooling sensation isn't that long. It decreases by time.
Nilai: 8/10
Varian Honey
Pros: Surprisingly, this smells honey. I don't know but the second time I used this, I felt that the cooling sensation is pretty long. The mask's size fits me perfectly. Cooling, soothing, mosturizing. The mask's texture is a little bit thick.
Cons: The water isn't that much for me to keep the leftover.
Nilai: 8.5/10


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This Kose mask is sold in a box. A box consists of 5 sheet masks. I bought this in Taiwan, but this is Japanese product. All writings are in Japanese, so you should prepare google translate to know what variant it is. The ingredients and instruction is in Japanse and have no English.The price is about $10.
Pros: It has cooling and refreshing sensation.
Cons: The sheet's size does not fit my face, so when I used it, it was kinda wrinkly. The sheet's texture is rough, the sheet is fibred. The smell is chemically. It doesn't make my face mosturized, on the contrary it makes my face rough,
Score: 6.5/10

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I bought this in Japan. A little bit shock when I found there is no water in the package. It is a hydrogel mask which looks like a plaster which absorbs heat when someone is having a fever (in Indonesia you called it 'Bye Bye Fever'. I totally forgot the price though. All explanation are in Japanese, so prepare Google translate.The packaging is made by paper.
Pros: Mask's size fits my face perfectly because it has two parts, upper face part and bottom face part. There are papers that overlay the sheet masks so it is more hygienic.When I used it, it feels so cool and I like the mint sensation. It doesn't smell at all. The texture is thick and gel-ly.
Cons: If you use it too long, your face will feel hurt. I ever used this until 25 minutes and when I peeled this I feel my skin was hurt & acute. So don't use it to long. 
Score: 8/10. Unique product!


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I bought these masks when I went to Taiwan. These masks are really famous in Taiwan so I must give them a try! In Indonesia there is also My Beauty Diary, but in Indonesian version. I bought three boxes, one box is their usual packaging one, the other two are Taiwan special edition. A box consists of 8 masks, and the price was about 200 NT - 300 NT ($6). So affordable, rite? The ingredients is in Chinese, so again, use google translate.
These are the Taiwan special edition. The design is really cute and I love the illustration! I bought two versions, one is soothing and the other is hydrating. I feel like they're just the same, tbh.

Pros: The mask fits my face perfectly. The sheet's texture is gentle, and it's thick. It has paper to overlay the mask, so it's easier to open and it won't easily torn. It has plenty of water left so we can keep it for another use. When I used it, it feels mosturizing, hidrating, soothing, cooling.. I love this mask! The cooling sensation is pretty long, and I really like the refreshing smell. 
Cons: The hole for the eyes and nose is really small. The water is kinda sticky. Those three variants are different, but I just feel the same. 
Score: 9.5/10.

Most favorite mask: My Beauty Diary, Sisheido Hydrogel Mask, Nature Republic Real Natural Mask Sheet.
Favorite variant: Aloe Vera.
Most dissapointed mask: Kose Clear Turn White Mask, Etude House 0.2mm Mask, The Face Shop Mask.
Most affordable mask: My Beauty Diary (in Taiwan version.. in Indo it's expensive!)


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