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by - March 23, 2016

Hi guys. It's been a long time since my last Japanese (outdated) photo diary. I apologize for being such a lazy blogger, yes I know. I have such a hectic semester, and I am very very lazy to touch my blog. No, no, I'm not lazy to update my blog, I really love to write and post, but I'm lazy to edit all photos I must post. So please pardon me for taking a long hiatus.

If I can tell you, this semester feels like the worst semester yet the best semester of all. The worst part is that I get a non-easy teachers in college, they've given me so much tasks I should do everyday. I'm not exaggerating, but everyday I must do my assignments and I have no time to either blog or just surf something on my laptop. I only open my laptop for assignments and youtube (to hear music tho..)

The best part is I meet people who really take care of me and I meet those people who are truly sincere being my friends. I can't thank more to them that they always support me whenever and wherever I am.

But, here's the good news: I manage to open a new blog specially for my photographs. I have so many photos that haven't been posted these past years, so I open a new blog on tumblr, the link is:
Just don't ask me why the name is that weird. They're the only words that came up in my head. I choose those words....... maybe because if I'm not mistaken, that little einstein cartoon I watched back then had a travel theme, did it? Correct me if I'm wrong lol

When I have a holiday, I will be more active here.
Yes, I hope so...
fingercross! :)

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