Osaka Bound - Japan Photo Diary Day One

by - December 31, 2015

Well, hello guys! I finally fulfilled my promise :') Here it is my Japan Trip Photo Diary I've been promising since ages. Here is one reason why I'm finally being so diligent to edit all photos and post them in my blog : I am bored at home. I have nothing to do as I probably don't go anywhere for christmas holiday. My family and I firstly had planned to visit Malang because some people say it is good, but unfortunately there is an eruption of Mt. Bromo so we decided to cancel all preparation such as flights and hotels. There were also some situations happened which are too complicated to be told. My mom got sick and sh still feels unhealthy til now. So maybe it's an unfortunate moment for me but hey.. let's see the positive side. I can make a blog post for my blog :') Okay, I'll finish ranting and start the main purpose of this post! :)

p.s : I apologize for unstable editing.... I just love to edit photos. Boom

I'll split my trip photos to be three posts... I think? And the first post is all about Osaka! My first day in Osaka was a little bit hectic because it was sooo sooo damn crowded in the airport so we arrived late in Universal Studio. It was also so crowded and hot in USJ :') I only entered one attractions (if I'm not mistaken) which was Spiderman 4D. But fortunately we managed to see the Harry Potter land although we walked soooooo far :')

1. The infamous Harry Potter castle (is it a castle or what... i don't know. Not a fan, sorry.)
2. The globe.
3. The ticket.
4. The stage SNSD used for their "Love & Girls" Japanese MV
5. That pretty corner where I couldn't resist to take photo.
6. Inside Harry Potter area
Hat - Uniqlo ; Top - Korea ; Jeans - Mango ; Shoes - Charles & Keith ; Watch - Fossil
 After enjoying a very hot day in USJ, we were heading to one of the most famous shopping place in Osaka, which is Shin sai ba shi. There were also soo many people there but I managed to take some photos.
1. An eye-catching Crab sculpture.
2. One of the shopping street in Shin sai ba shi.
3. The famous Glico board!!
4. Osaka at night

At first I wanted to make Osaka photos in an entry but I'm too lazy to edit day two, plus it will become a very heavy post if I combine two days row, so I decided to separate the post :')

See you in the next post! Oh by the way, tomorrow is the first day of 2016!
Merry Christmas 2015
Happy New Year 2016 ♥

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  1. lovely shots <33
    looks like you had tons of fun eh lis, happy new year btw! :))

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. asik bangeeet, i couldn't go when my bro went there soalnya pas kita lagi UTS D:

    happy new year liz!

  3. Love to explore more interesting posts from Japan travelling diaries.
    cheap airport parking

  4. tempatnya keren bgttt😍😍


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