Mad For Plaid

by - December 24, 2014

Bee Nen plaid top - No brand shorts - Andrew sandals - Kipling x Style Scrapbook bag - MK watch 

Well hello guys! Firstly I wanna thank my mom for taking me these pictures I show you here.... A few days ago we decided to go to one of the nearest mall near my house and I managed to dress up pretty neat so I could ask my mom if she was willing to snap some photos for me. (yes, I usually dress up as chill as I could when I go to that mall) So here it is!

Although I don't live in four weather country, I am pretty excited with the fall-winter theme, which one of them is plaid shirt. Plaid shirt has always been my obsession but plaid shirts in Indonesia aren't very good and their pattern are pretty similar. Fortunately, I found this plaid shirt which has (for me) a unique pattern and I haven't found any pattern like this.

Anyway since it's Christmas Eve, I wanna say Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year 2015! Wish you guys have a nice Christmas holiday and get a new resolution for 2015! My outfit here is kinda related to Christmas, though. Red and plaid, but it wasn't on purpose! Hahahahaha baaaaay guys!

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  1. nice top, and merry Christmas too, dear..

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  2. merry christmas ci! nice outfit :)

  3. I love love the plaid shirt ><

  4. merry xmas and happy new year liii :D

    btw suka deh foto terakhirnya, cantikk! ;D

  5. Cute look dear Merry Christmas!

  6. Aaa~ love all the shots you have here liss :D
    btw, merry christmas yoo :))

    cheer, michelle

  7. you look nice, beautiful and Prety.... nice to meet you @angkisland

  8. always love plaid shirt! you looks lovely <33


  9. Amazing look :)
    I'm following you via gfc :)


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