by - October 08, 2014

Jess House's top - Colorbox shorts - Everbest gladiator sandals - Louis Quatorze (Korea) bag - Michael Kors watch - New Look necklace  - Cotton On sunnies

First thing first, pardon my hair and the same expression in every photos!! It was very very hot all days in China and I couldn't manage my hair shape. It was terrible! My best hair shape was only in my first day of my tour. And I got my expression same every photos because it was in hurry, and there were bunch of my family members there. It was awkward if I did the blogger pose, wasn't it? Anyway, here's the second entry of my China Vacation Style series. I was wearing a casual bright outfit in the second day because we visited lots of tourism sights such as Gulangyu Island and Bailuzhou park. Anyway the title is from Maroon 5's newest song called "Maps" and it's so addicting!

These photos were taken at Bailuzhou park in Xiamen, and the park is very neat and clean. It is also gives us a very nice scenery of Xiamen! Next post will be my photos in Quanzhou! Stay tune peeps Xx

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  1. I love your tops ! for sure <3


  2. very lovely you :) could not think on anything better than pink and polka dots together!

  3. look so fresh with pink


  4. lovely top <33

    cheer, michelle

  5. Beautiful outfit :) I love your top!
    Have a nice day ♥

  6. pretty in pink!

  7. pretty in pink!

  8. Yup! Casual in pink! <3

  9. such a lovely look! I wish I could wear summer clothes right now:) XX Laura

  10. cheers to maps!
    i love the song as well. and adam levine's sexy voice of course
    anyway, lovely outfit. love it. its so classy xx

    visit my new post :
    steal my girl

  11. I really love this look!!♥


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