Jungle Land

by - September 20, 2014

Stradivarius jungle top - Guess jeans - Khakikakiku floral oxfords - Louis Quatorze (Korea) bag - Michael Kors watch

Get ready for my 'Vacation Style' post! I come back with this outfit series on my blog, where I post some outfits from my holiday and not to forget I also post the beautiful scenery in that place. Last holiday I went to Xiamen in order to visit my relatives there. I first didn't want to join the trip because China was very dissapointing back then. I remember the first time I touch down  Beijing, the airport smelled extremely bad (almost like a pee (pardon me)) and when I went to the public toilets..... Shit and pads and dirt everywhere. But, Xiamen, surprisingly is good! And I finally knew that Xiamen is the cleanest city over China. The reason is because Xiamen regulation and building and stuffs was made by Singapore people which is known as one of the cleanest country. I really enjoy my trip in Xiamen. The only thing I hate was only the food. The food is nice, but pork is everywhere while chicken is almost nowhere. Ugh, I hate pork, tho.

I also went to Quanzhou and Fuzhou, and those cities are also very nice! Summer fashion is really adopted there, there were lots of girls who wear pastel outfits, kawaii bags, pretty heels, and I major like it! The clothes themselves are pretty high fashion!

Anyway these photos were taken in Jimei Village and it was a little bit raining though! Fortunately the rain stopped as soon as we were ready to take some pictures. Til the other tour post! Xx

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  1. Aaa~ lovely look :)
    love the top and shoes lisss <33

    cheer, michelle

  2. Love your shoes and your tops !


  3. love the top ci lis<3


  4. love your shoes!


  5. Aaaa, suka banget sama T shirt dan sepatumu. Cute! :) xx

  6. you are so cute...! also a very nice top of you! the top is so cute...! and match perfectly with the shoes!
    follow each other..? follow me and let me know.. i will follow back :)
    www.nadieyaagibb.com - Glam is Everything


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