Denim on Denim.. on denim

by - December 20, 2013

Town Hall, 10th of August, Krakow, Poland.

Picture above was not in townhall actually.. I didn't know where this was because my polish tour guide didn't speak english fluently :') It was windy yet gloomy yet sometimes rainy day, so pardon my hair everybody!!

Nah, all pictures below were taken in Krakow's town hall. Poland is a nice country. We shopped lots of souvenirs in the market and there were lots of flower shops at the streets.

Gowigasa denim jacket - Selective Studded denim top - Promod jeans - Andrew sandals - Griff blue 
vintage bag - Cotton On bracelet - F21 bracelet

Blue flowers... Seriously? The flower stalls are soooo nice!

Candid shoot, my face looked so derp here! The wind destroyed my hair and it looked so bad here. Actually this was my favorite outfit back then but the result wasn't as good as I expected because the wind, the gloomy effect, sigh.

p.s = I also visited Czestochowa in Poland because there was a chapel named Jasna Gora where we could see the Black Madonna (a mother mary painting which is so unique, because the face of mother Mary is black) but I didn't take any outfit photos there.

Bye Bye!

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  1. I love denim, and this outfit is really cool! ;D

    Followed you back already! :)

  2. WOW GREAT LOOK! love the whole outfit !
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you follow me & i´ll follow back :)


  3. cool! i love denim so muchhhh x3
    Aaaaa the scenery is awesomee :')

    cheer, michelle

  4. Love your shots! And your triple denim outfit is lovely. Hope I get to visit Poland one day :) It looks so pretty!

  5. Like I see you had a nice time.

  6. love your outfit lisa <3
    it's great to know you have a really nice trip

  7. Love your whole denim look :) nyaman banget kalo buat jalan-jalan :D

    anyway, thanks for following me. I've already followed you back.

    big hug,
    Rizuna form 100% Nerd

  8. I always like total denim look. And you look stylish wearing this look
    Fashion Friends Diary

  9. you look great doll !! thanks for following my blog ! i am following you on GFC :) would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin also ? let me know dear :) xx

  10. I was only once in Krakow because it's 400km from my city but is really beautiful place :)
    maybe we will follow each other by GFC and bloglovin? (and facebook if you have )
    I have one question : could you enter and click to persunmall link? I will be so so so grateful dear! and if you will do that, please tell me so when in the future you will need help I will help you :)

  11. Cool outfit, looks like Krakow is a nice place to visit. Shame about the weather but you look great though, amazing photos :)

  12. love your denim shirt! you pair it well, nice trip to Poland by the way
    i always wanted to go there T.T

    do follow each other

  13. aww keren banget outfit tripnya !! suka simple tapi chic :)

  14. Love love love your jacket Lisa! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed my home country :) I wish I could be there right now for the holidays :)

  15. You have such a cute blog! Lets stay in touch! Follow each other?? Do follow and let me know, will follow you right back! ^_^ Gfc, bloglovin & g+ ??

  16. Thanks for following dear :) I followed back.

    What a cool look! You look great :)

  17. Great to see your pictures. That's a pretty amazing jacket

  18. glad to know that was nice. I love the denim look, amazing bag girl
    nice blog

    Bisous from FRANCE

  19. Simple yet gorgeous look! Have a nice trip!<3<3

  20. looks a Good Trip

  21. Great your look
    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin

  22. Love your jacket, it is beautiful!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Alicia & Sofía

  23. love your denim top! and nice way of mixing different hues of blue :)

    hope you can check out my blog!

  24. LISAAAA :) Check my new blogg . I just made it :D


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