The Skull Girl outside that Old Cafe

by - December 15, 2013

An old cafe in the toll, 9th of August, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.

Guys I finally continue this outfit trip post hahahah sorry for postponing this i just couldn't resist my last outfits I had worn last days.
Just a casual outfit because i just stayed in the bus for hours and didn't do any city tour. Pardon me for my no-make-up face and tired face, and I looked so damn fat here! I really love the cafe in the bus stop because it looked country-ish and vintage.

What are you doing or where are you going in this holiday guys? I don't know why but I have no spirit to go malls after the exams passed, i feel like i want to stay at home and take a rest :p I have nooo spirit to shop sooo i just wake up late, gym, take driving lesson, or draw to fill my holiday.

December is my favorite month because of Christmas and long holiday! I don't really celebrate christmas like decorating my house with christmas apparels, preparing christmas cards or gift and etc.This year's holiday i am going to meet up with my big family from my father's side in Kuningan, West Java (that's around christmas date) and I am going to go to Singapore with my big family from my mother's side (around new year date). How about you guys?

Cache cache top - Forever21 jeans - Andrew sandals - The Van bag - Guess watch - Forever 21 bracelet - Fendi sunnies

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  1. Lovely picture and top :D


  2. OMGGGG~ you're not even fat at all -_-"
    btw i love your top so much and seems you're going to have a fun vacation, have fun lisaaa ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  3. You look lovely out there - not fat at all! :)
    International Giveaway on my blog -

  4. Yay! December is my favorite month, too! My birthday month hahaha :)) so cute :)


  5. You still look amazing and pretty, lovely glasses :D

  6. love the new blog theme lis! so cute laaa

  7. ya ampun, kalau segitu gemuk aku apa namanya? hehehe... selamat menikmati desember ya. desember juga bulan favoritku :) xx

  8. I'm going to go to singapore too at the end of January :D but with my bestfriends. :)

  9. Pretty pictures! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :) I really love the font that you use for your post body. So cute!

    Hope you enjoy your visit to Singapore next time! :)

    Following your blog xx

  10. Simple yet stylish outfit!:)
    Have a nice holiday with your big family btw;)
    Thank you so much for follow me back, I already follow you since August:) keep in touch<3

    With love,
    Xiao Ling Fat


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