Duty Free Behind Me

by - October 04, 2013

Dubai International Airport, 5th of August 2013, Dubai.

I was going to  East Europe with my big family in Eid Mubarak holiday. First of all, if you have gone to West Europe, (in my opinion) East is just similar. But it was fun though, I really love the buildings and finally I could see the Parliament Building in Hungary, one of my favorite buildings on earth! If there are lots of time in the future, I'll show you my East Tour photo diary and details!

Indigo Mickey Mouse Tee - Zara jeans - Pierre Cardin Flat Shoes - The Van Bag - Black Blazer

My airport fashion. Yes, so casual yet comfy. I didn't wear too much make up and I made my hair a ponytail. Pardon for my hair!Anyway, Dubai was only the place for me to transit. The first destination is Vienna.


My tired face, my face angle and my tied hair made me look so damn fat here. or..... I really gain weight?  Hello, diet. Goodbye, delicious food. :')

P.s ;
Finally my laptop is back although sometimes the screen still changes into green , but I'm still glad that can post my postponed entries.

Anyway, finally mid test ended, I hope I can get good marks on it! Some of the tests were pretty hard and some weren't. Wish me luck xx

Also, I felt so happy and blessed last week! I felt like I have no troubles in my life although I had mid test. And last Friday, my friends and I were chatting together in my house and I laughed so hard until I cried :') Thankyou wonderful friends!

 Wanna some cakes? #nofilter

Tell me if you want to see my photo diary post, soon! :)

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  1. Good to know , you're having a good time lisa!

  2. Good to know , you're having a good time lisa!

  3. i love your top! :) have an awesome week dear! :D


  4. Sweet outfit! :)
    I like the top most!


  5. whoaaaa... I heard that Dubai is a beautiful country
    wish I could visit Dubai someday :p

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  6. Nice trip Lisa ♥ When I can go to there? ._.
    aaaa I love so much your mickey mouse tee ~
    I want that too ♥ :( mickey" ..

    I love your flat shoes too ♥
    DOn't forget, could you post me your photo diary? :) Thank you!


  7. looking so comfy lisa :D
    you should definitely do the photo diary ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  8. lucu banget T mickey mousenya. suka! :)

  9. yay for Europe! Europe is my favorite continent all around the world, and it will never be replaced! :D
    it's good to know that you've got great friends around, lis! cheer up, enjoy our last moments in senior year!

    cant wait to see your photo diary post ;)


  10. I like the Mickey top, and the flat shoes! You look so comfy with the outfit. Have a nice day btw!:D



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