all the day I've passed.

by - September 15, 2013

Guys, what's up? This post is not related to fashion at all, just my thought for what I've been feeling these days. These days really piss me off. All troubles came one after another. One trouble passed, another trouble came. I feel like I wanna die.

First, I won't be able to post regularly as I usually do, because my laptop is currently broken, and all of my edited outfit photos were there. I don't know why, at first I thought that the LCD was broken that I could still use it. But today, the screen went green and I couldn't type anything. (Now I make this post through my father's pc)

Second, my school activities are going crazy day by day. I got some dissapointed scores at school.. Yes, twelve grader become harder than before. And, busier. I must go to school in my holy Saturday for BTA (kind of extra lessons to prepare for national exam). I just can open anything from my phones and have no time to check anything from laptop, or even pc. I got so many assignments and I feel like everyday I get exams.

Another troubles happened. One of my friend slendered me and told some thing about me which is actually untrue, and the gossips become higher and higher. And he's a boy. Okay, boy. Get a life. You're a boy and why do you become so chatty? and, being a couch potato? I can't even think about how life's going. And how can I survive my life.

I actually wanna tell everything here, including the one that got away and the one that are close to me now, but, I know that this is a public blog and everyone can read this.

For everything happened, I hope I can survive these all through His blessed. Sorry for bad English, ciao :p

Unrevealed photo, I don't even post it in my instagram :p Okay then, I rarely give smile with my perfect smile (with showing my teeth) I think it's too weird for me hahah! Ciao!Anyway, for you who want to comment, I don't receive comments in this post, check out my last outfit post HERE :)

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