Dotted and stripes

by - July 10, 2013

Yes, guys, please forgive me. I can't get enough of stripes! I have so many stripes apparels in my wardrobe. I don't know why but I feel more shopisticated with this kind of pattern. I am a stripes geek!

Anyway I wore this outfit for my friend's sweet 17 birthday so it was in a hurry. I love my curly hair so much! I've rolled my hair for about 4 hours, but it became straight for only 10 minutes without hairspray. I feel like a 60's girl with my stripes skirt because it is a midi skirt.

I feel like I wanna blabbering so much. I am a type of person who will think of my problems / troubles until they are solved. I don't know why, but I always feel hesitate to other (in Indonesian = sungkan or ngerasa nggak enakan sama orang lain) ah, I don't know what's the english, you name it.

Nah, old problems passed, new troubles come. There's a few people that seem hate me. I don't really care actually, because yes, haters gonna hate. Hate me or love me? You decide. I believe that a person will always have a hater. But please, people. Be fair. If you hate me, don't come to me if you need me. And also, be chill. It's a waste if you hate me for only a silly reason, not because of unpleasant behaviour I've done to you. I have never hated people for only because physical reason or because I assume other's joke seriously. It's just a waste.

I must learn to be a careless person so I won't care of those absurd people who hate me (worse, exploit me) out there. And think positive is also needed, but still you must expect the unexpected. Yes, it's neccessary.

Ah sorry if I am blabbering too much!

Dotted Black Top - Stripes Flare Skirt - Bl!ng necklace - Valentino clutch - Nine West sandals

I paired my dotted top with my stripes skirt, because I wanna try 60's clash pattern outfit. I am not the one who love to play with patterns, so for you who love to play with pattern but not confident enough to clash it, you may use a big pattern and small pattern to make it look adorable.

Seriously, how I hate my chubbier face. It used to be slimmer but now, I don't know why, my fat grows in my face and arm instead of my stomach :(

p.s = if you like pastel photography, please kindly follow my instagram photography @tan_yifang {yes, it used to be @alittletouchofvintage but it seemed too long to be typed, tan yi fang is my chinese naame fyi} I really appreciate your likes and following so much! Will like you back hehe xx

and also, since I've nothing to do in da house, I made a cover for Imagine Dragons' Radioactive in my channel. Please please pleaseee spend your 2 minutes for watching my cover hehehe i appreciate you guys so so much!

or, if you don't really like watching youtube, you can hear my soundcloud (it's just the same) and like or resound or anything! Thankyouuuuuuuu <3 sorry for to much promoting, have a very nice day guys!!

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  1. Ahh you look lovely and I am a sucker for stripes too <3

  2. Such a pretty outfit! :)

  3. beautiful look! like your stripe skirt :3

  4. Lovely look!!! The skirt is beautiful, and looks super comfy! :D

    Don't forget to check my giveaway!

  5. Hey dear, thanks for commenting on my blog and for the follow in Bloglovin. I also followed you in GFC. I hope you can follow me back in GFC. too.

  6. Hey dear, thanks for commenting on my blog and for the follow in Bloglovin. I also followed you in GFC. I hope you can follow me back in GFC. too.

  7. what a lovely skirt! I love your hair so much :D

    cheer, michelle

  8. The right word is STUNNING.

    You know to be so elegant and stylish.

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be sooo glad =) Let me know

  9. I like your outfit:)



  10. its ok dear as long as it's beautiful like I see now, preety skirt absolutely.
    I also have so many patterns for polka dots :D


  11. hahaha! cie kita banyak stippes yaaa.. gua entah napa lg byk monochrome ni wkwkwkw..
    lucu btw skirtnya lis <3
    ayok dah kapan, tgl tentuin tanggal #eaaa hahaha

    Love a bunch Lisa,

  12. Amazing look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  13. Hey,
    I love this outfit.

  14. OMGG! You're so TALENTED!!
    Nice piano song! I loveee!
    WOWW :D

  15. I love everything you wear Elly! <3
    & I love your piano cover! Why should you play the piano hobby?
    hihi piano is my hobby and art derived from the family of his father that all should try :D
    & I always want to find a pop song but it always plays a classic :(


  16. Lovely outfit, you look stunning :) And the cover is amazing, I love this song, and you play it so well, wow !!really amazing! You should do more covers :)

    Glad I found your blog, hope you can stop by mine sometime and tell me what you think :)

    On the Bright Style

  17. lovely monochromatic never die <3

    Sweet and sugars,

  18. what a great combination:) love your skirt anyway <3
    and i'll hear your soundcloud :D

    This is real and This is me

  19. love your outfit lisa !! i'm fallin love with your skirt :)

  20. Bonita combinación, la falda es preciosa. Besos, si quieres nos seguimos

  21. Love your hair and look! Great clutch!

  22. Falling in love easily with your necklace and skirt! Nice outfit :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  23. your hair is awesome. hope can see the curly version of your hair at school! hahaha love your top btw

  24. That hairstyle looks good on you! Love the all black look :) x

  25. amazing post! love ur outfit and u look so pretty!

    xoxo, Eliza
    Blog: Bread and Butter
    Bloglovin: Bread and Butter

  26. you look different Lisa, did you change your hairstyle? i love it, you look so pretty! by the way, do not worry about the haters, lisa. they can be annoying, but the more you're annoyed the happier they get. I agree with you, even the kindest person will have a hater and that's okay in this world. stay cool, k :)


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  28. don't worry! i won;t get enough of stripes too! :))

  29. Great post. You look great!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  30. hi, love your blog, i followed u, can u follow me back? thanks

  31. I like this part "old problems passed, new troubles come" - that's so true!!! I must say, everyone of us has those haters, but it is really important not to pay attention to this. Go on living without thinking about such things, it's important what your familly and close friends think about you, others oppinion not so unimportant and can't be objective for sure, because they don't know you for real.
    You look wonderful, I love your elegant style!
    Have a happy time!


  32. omg..i really love your imagine dragon piano're really talented!

  33. Hi!Ok let's follow each other!If you follow me I will follow you for sure! :)

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  34. nice skirt! truth is, it looks like one of mine although mine is in navy color but it is sold out now :)




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