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by - July 18, 2013

Hey guys. I decided to post more about photography and put this photography thingy between every outfit post. I started to post more photography things since I have my own dslr, and I currently am active in my other instagram, special for photography. I also put my photos in my flickr.

Back to my post, these were some photos I managed to snap 2 years ago while I was touring around West Europe. This post is actually set of my #throwback2011 photos. Actually, I still used my old digital camera so the results were not that good and I managed not to post those photos in the blog. I also took the photos, from the bus! So there were glass reflections in some photo. Yes, I was a newbie in photography then. But... thankyou photoshop which made my photos more adorable. I started to learn photoshop in 2013, fyi.

Let's start the journey! 
Bridge of Angels, Rome, Italy. How I love Rome city, there are lots of great sculptures, even on the bridge!

Finally arrived at the place we were going to visit, St. Peter Basilica, Vatican, Rome, Italy. If you don't know either, Vatican is a country inside a city. St Peter Basilica is very very huge and has an amazing design, can't even be explained by words.

This is Vittorio Emanuelle II in Rome, Italy. This is one of the best building, ever. Too bad, we didn;t snap some photos here because busses couldn't stop in front of this building and there were no parking lot near there.

I also visit Colloseum, Arch of Constatine (they're adjoin) and Trevi Fountain in Rome but the photos I took were bad hahahahah so I choose not to post them either. Trevi Fountain was  so crowded at that day I couldn't even see what's inside the Trevi's pond.
The next day, I visited Piazza Del Duomo in Pisa, Italy. It is the place where Pisa Monument is located. It was very very hot that day, around 40 degrees celcius. My nose was bleeding at that time -_-
Florence, we can see a very great scenery from the top of the city. I can't even imagine how glad I am if I lived there. I also took some photos with the famous David statue but again, because there were so many people standing in front of the statue, the result of the photos weren't that good.

St. Mark Square, Venice, Italy. Venice at that time was super hot. It was about 41 degrees celcius. We used our umbrella while riding the gondola. (Is it right 'gondola' in English? lol and using umbrella while riding a gondola was kinda silly I think). St Mark Square was very very crowded. There were some people who play music and there were lots of birds! But in my opinion, Venetian in Macau is better than here.

Curious of my Verona photo story? Click here! Maybe some people don't know what city Verona is, but if you are a shakespeare lover you must know. It is the city where Juliet's house is located. So many people write their name with their couple, hope that they love story can be like Romeo and Juliet's. But me? I don;t believe! And not a fan of shakespeare :p

Duomo in Milan, Italy. This is a very famous cathedral in Milan, and the building's craving is just amazing. Next to it there is Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II which has lots of branded stores... Buy Gucci! I heard the price is cheaper there hehe.

After one day journey from Italy... Finally we arrived in Swiss! I actually live in Zurich, and visit Mt. Titlis. We used a gondola and mom was dizzy and wanted to vommit inside the gondola! Fortunately, she could hold her pain until we touched down the mountain. The photo above was in Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Swiss. We also visit Old Swiss House and Lion's monument.

Lourdes, France.... Holy place. We stayed there one night and ate delicious ice cream. We also bought some holy stuffs like rosary, holy water, etc.

Using TGV from Lourdes to Paris. Arrived in Paris, we visit Galeries Lafayette. Shopping! We also passed Eglise de La Madeleine (Madeleine church), Place de la Concorde (a monument which is Monas look-a-like), the famous Notre Dame Chatedral, Grand Palais, Museum Orsay, Opera Garnier and La Conciergerie (former royal palace and prison in Paris)

View of Seine River, Eiffel Tower and Pont Alexandre III bridge. We also rode a vessel through Seine River.

Pont Alexandre III bridge. Amazing view.

I forgot what are these place actually.... if you know please tell me T_T

Eiffel Tower. We also visited Louvre Museum, and Champs Elysees but no photos here hehe.

Forgot the name of these place... T-T

The famous Arch de Triumph. I didn't even take any photos with it because it was in hurry.. :(

Finally heading to Brussels, Belgium. This is the famous Manneken Pis statue. 

Building in brussels city centre.

Goedemorgen, Holland! The famous windmill in Holland. We stayed in Amsterdam.

Visiting Volendam and we were seeing the making of the famous Holland clogs. In Volendam, we also took a photoshoot using traditional Holland costumes.

We rode a cruise through the Amsterdam river and I found a unique building and managed to snap it. But I don't know the name :')

That's all for my Europe trip! Thankyou for reading my blog and enjoy this post xx

 FOR FULL SIZE PHOTOS CLICK HERE // Photographed by yours truly.

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  1. whatta good trip!


  2. wow, everything looks perfect! and I just love the photos!

  3. aww those shots are purely gorgeous lisa! i really love those scenery! wish i can go to paris someday..im dying for an europe tour :'D

  4. gorgeous pics!
    i like the effect of your pics <3


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  6. amazing buildings, lis! Europe is the paradise for art and architecture for me..


  7. aaaaa lisaa those photos make me really wanna go there !!!
    nice place and looks so warm


  8. I can't believe you took these photos with your digital camera. These are soooo gorgeous!! especially the architecture..
    now i really want to go there :'((

  9. omg these pictures are amazing!

    i visited the exact same spots but my photos are not nearly as nice :(

  10. omg europe is so beautiful! i wish i could visit it someday!<3

    adorable photos!!<3 you got a talent on photography dear!<3


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  13. wow all the places look worderful♥ I've been to Rome and Paris and I really loved it!♥ cute blog!:) I'm following you on bloglovin (petra lorencova), you can follow me back if you'd like;) kisses!


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  14. One word: a-ma-zing!!! seriously the scenery, the photography, everything were fantabolous!! thanks for sharing, great photography skills btw and I hope i could visit Europe someday ;)

  15. I long to be there! wish London can be more antique !


  16. Thanks for the comment in my blog!

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  17. Beautiful photos and post!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
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  18. AMAZING!
    beautiful place to visit :D


  19. the pictures are pretty amazing, i wish next year i can go there :D

  20. wow those are great pictures <3<3 your holiday seems so cool and lovely <3

  21. very cool ! :)
    mayve you want to follow each other ?:)

  22. Oh My God!! Really beautiful places !! I really want to go there..I hope someday :)

    Chic Swank

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  25. Those pictures were taken amazingly!
    By seeing your picts, really want to come back there.
    Hope you enjoyed your last holiday babe!

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  26. aahh really cool photos!!



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