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by - August 23, 2012

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안녕하세요 친구! Finally I arrived in Jakarta from my superb tour to South Korea. Too many stories, so please don't blame me if I'm blabbering too much. If you are following my tweet maybe you know some of my stories below from my short tweets.

South Korea is crazily amazing, especially because I'm a kpopers. Aaaaah! All of the advertisements are korean celebrities including actors, actress, boybands, girlbands :') Feel like wanna cry, and lots of k-pop stuffs like folders, mugs, stationaries, even socks, full filled of k-pop stars.

I amazed how Korean people love their country so much. Museums are filled of people, even it contains just of the korea's history and culture. Cars, electronics, gadgets, hotels, theme parks, most of them are build by Koreans Company. For example, the cars. Almost Korea's cars are Hyundai, Kia, and Daewoo.

Girls, cosmetics, and fashion. Korean girls love to colorized their hair into blonde, dark blonde, brown, kind of that. Their face are smooth and white. Although some people say (me also) that they do plastic surgery, but cosmetics and vitamins / medicine (ginseng, omija, raisin tree) help them a lot. They very concern about their faces, so.... there are lots of cosmetic shops in Korea with lower prices than Indonesia, such as Etude House, Holika Holika, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, It's Skin, etc. And, they use korean stars as their models! x_x Fashion is everywhere, they are used to dress up like cute and kawaii girl. I love their style.

Shopping, girls' bestfriend. I just went to Dongdaemoon's Doota Mall and Myeongdong Fashion Street. But they are enough for me x_x Doota sells lots of new young designers' design, while Myeongdong sells more cosmetics although they also sells clothes and another apparels.

I almost forgot to write that South Korea is a country in high technology. You can find lots of free wi-fi even in the streets and some electronic buttons in a closet.I wish I could get free wi-fi in Indonesia-,-

A very special gratitude, for Panorama Tour, they served my family very well. Thankyou ko Ricky as our tour leader, Mr. Kim as our local tourguide, Mr. Andy as our photographer and driver. You all serve me well and I won't forget you! Mr. Kim is the best tourguide ever. So if I visit Korea again, I hope I can meet him again.

Although there are some trouble on weather forecast (rainy season) but I really feel happy of this tour. Not only because of my kpop soul, but I really enjoy this trip as the tour team served me and helped me. My greatest experience was when I invited to the Nanta Show and joined them. The most handsome oppa came to me and invited me to join the show >,<

But life is flowing, now I'm in Jakarta again and I must do all of my queue tasks from school. My parents must work again, and South Korea will be a great memory.

The last, I really feel sorry that I am so lazy to upload my photos from this trip. If you're interesting to see, I will post them if I have time. Have a great time peeps, 감사합니다!

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  1. so envyyy >.< wish I could go there someday T.T
    I'd like to see your photo trip Lisa^^

  2. Hi! i have just discover your blog, is cool! i hope to see more pics and i hope to see u back in mine!

  3. uou just visited South Korea?
    I envy you, I wish I was there for my holiday..
    maybe you would share some pics you took?

  4. Nice post dear!
    Following you back on GFC and Bloglovin)
    Have a nice day!

  5. seriously i get envy with you!:( i want go to korea so badlyyy!xx

  6. whoaaa south korea! post dong foto2nya ;D

  7. Great post, and lovely pictures :-)

  8. aaww south korea , can't wait for your pic :)

  9. You must have had a great time! Can't wait to see the pictures xx

  10. glad you had a great time in korea! i gotta agree about the korean way of dressing up. i went to Japan, the Japanese also has their own styles that's... idk, very Japanese, and different with the ones I'm used to seeing in Indonesia.


  11. i can't wait to visit one day, i was adopted from there and have never been yet :(


  12. The trip sounds wonderful! Wish you could post some photos though. :) Thanks for following. Following back on GFC. Please tell me if you followed on BL so I can follow as well.

  13. You has a great blog. I'm very interesting to stopping here and leaves you a comment. Good work.

    Lets keep writing and blogging

    Nb: Dont forget to leave your comment back for us.

  14. what an awesome trip! i wanna visit Korea too :)

    I'm following you now hun!
    loving your posts, keep up the great work :)

  15. waaah you're so lucky!! I really want to go to South Korea too! haha cosmetics are damn cheap there, right? :O and pretty boys are everywhere, no?

  16. Thanks fpr your comment, follow each other?

  17. These pictures are gorgeous! I can't imagine what it must look like in person.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. Hello loser! Your style never get better. If only that's what you called 'fashion'.

    1. Thanks for the critic! Any suggestion for me so my style will get better? :)

  19. These pictures are gorgeous :)

  20. AHHHHH! i wanna go to South Korea as well! aaakhhh ngiler... ketemu artis korea gk btw? hahaha



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