Interview with Vania Aprilia of Pudding Monster

by - August 27, 2012

 Hello peeps. Introducing you the cheerful girl (I tell her cheerful because she's a cheerleader lol) , Vania Aprilia. She's a blogger and she's my online friends. We've chatted each other on imessage and yahoo messanger, and last week I made a facetime with her, lol. She's so talkative like me, and I think we've so similar life and we match each other. Enjoy this interview!

1. What's your full name and your age?
- Vania Aprilia Sumual, 16 years old.

2.  When did you start blogging and why?
- I started blogging in late February 2012. It's because I want to express my feelings and my passion for fashion. My blog is definitely me, a place where all my thoughts and my dreams mix  together.

3. Your favorite fashion icons, blogs and designers?
- Alexa Chung, Michelle Koesnadi and Anastasia Siantar are my fashion icons! They are just so stylish and effortless in their own styles.. I love everything they wear! Favorite blogs are brown platform, glisters and blisters, song of style! Favorite designer is Alexander Wang.

4. What's your style?
- My style? Erm. I always don't have a specific word to describe what my style is. I tend to dress simple, fresh, and not too girly.

5. Your quotes?
- Don't ever give a damn to anyone who doubts you or even look at you like you're freak because you're awesome and someday they'll look up to you and regret what they did.

6. Trends / stuffs you like and dislike?
- My favorite trendds are sneaker wedges, pastels, and acid washed things! I own a new pair of sneaker wedges from Eden and can't wait to post an outfit post with it.
- I personally dislike the animal pattern trends becase it's so not me.. But they look great on other people tho :D

7. Favorite fashion items that you usually wear in your outfits?
- Favorite fashion items are my little perfection shorts and wristbands! They are just so versatile and comfy. I hope my readers don't get bored seeing me in those hahaha

8. Fashion tips for your blog readers?
- be yourself, express that in your clothes. Try out new things or trends that suit you abd just play with fashion! There's no rules so have fun ;)

photo courtesy : pudding monster by Vania Aprilia

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  1. nice interview..
    she has good sense of style :)

  2. love your blog ! and the interview too :)

  3. I really like her style, thats a great post.
    PS: I used to keep some of my clothes in my closet because I wasn't brave enough to wear it, but I realize that I can Wear whatever I want to wear. Dont think about what people think, its your world ;).

  4. I love her 'casual in Converse' look! ;-)

  5. cute! hahaha :)

  6. I love this idea of featuring other people on your blog. :)

    Gazillionth Thought Bubble

  7. awww that's cute... she's a new blogger! welll ishhh... have a lovely day!

  8. nice interview :)
    by the way, you know about that faker?(my faker) -.- aaa
    thanks anyway ;)

  9. Love your answers! Following you back:-)
    Ask Erena

  10. nice interview, lisa. kadang aku main2 ke blog'nya dia juga :))

  11. already know her blog, and I followed her too, she is great and lovely!


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