Another wishlist // Giveaway winner

by - May 15, 2012

Another wishlist of on-the-trend shop, OASAP. You'll fall in love with their collection when you see their collections.. Lovely!

1. Zebra Print Chiffon Top
2. Dots Dress
3. Candy Color Dress
4. Floral Bag
5. Korean Vintage Camera Bag
6. Newspaper Bag

And, remember about my giveaway? It was officially closed yesterday, and... I've choosen the winner via

Anddddd the winner is..

Helena Natanael

Congratulations! Lookdeloop shop will contact you asap :)

And for you who've participated and don't win, thank you for your participation! I will hold another giveaway soon :)

Actuallywhen I used, the result is number 59. But, when I checked, she even didn't follow me -___- whattdee. So, I generate again and the result is 14 (Helena's entry).

Okay, thank you people!

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  2. ah thank you, lisa <3 <3 how can't I love u? lol...

  3. awwww I just know about the giveaway today hahaha too late ~

    btw, I have a giveaway on my blog :)[win 5 accessories for 5 lucky winners]
    please check it out :D thank youuu <3


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