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by - May 11, 2012

Today, I will not give you any outfit post as I have lots of things to be shared for you all..

1. Leopard nerd glasses and lipstick.

Actually, I'm not a fashion or make up junkie, so before I blog, I'd never bought any detail stuffs, like sunglasses, nerd glasses, lipstick, collar, any things that I rarely wear in my daily life, especially make up. I just use powder in my face. But, now I try to use lipstick, why? Because I felt bad when I did my photoshoot with Hhelen, and you may see, that my lips look so pale.. And start from that I realize that I should use soft lipstick to cover the pale color.

Livtoshophere nerd leopard glasses  - Maybelline Pink Peach Lipstick - Red Stripes Tee

selca........... Hahaha my hair is to thick.


2. Another Reader Art by Angelica Hennata.
A few weeks ago, I did blogwalking to Angelica Hennata's blog, the creative and smart girl from Luciole Vivace. I must say, truly from my heart, that her designs and drawings are really great! I've never seen design like that. She's designer in the making. Once again, thankyou Angelica Hennata! And one shocking fact is she's my senior in my JHS, BHK. Gosh, I feel so honored that she received my request :)

 my outfit from THIS post.

Helena and Me together *hug*

original post of her click here

3.Wishlist and giveaway.

another wishlist of mine.. Yes, currently drooling of those things.. Galaxy, collar, that's all of the trend!

So, everybody. If you love to get free gifts from Romwe, simply join Helena's giveaway :
 simply CLICK HERE to join.

yes, yes! that galaxy dress, one of my wishlist! Hope I can win :)

5. The last,

Some of you, maybe have heard about It's the solution for your Online Shopping, why?
Because collects every offers and deals that appeared in Indonesia's daily deals websites - also known as the first Online Shopping portals in Indonesia. And for you, who love online shopping, especially with the simple way, you should check them out.

These Online Stores are numbers of Online Stores that can be found in Indonesia, selling not only different product categories but also services, starting from Fashion, Electronics, Culinary, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Kids and Baby, and lastly Travel.

Different version of can also be found in several big countries such as, Spain with its, Brazil with its and the newly launched which focused on women's beauty, health, lifestyle and fashion.

And last, their website is so interesting because they sell lots of stuffs from different brand, and also they give fashion tips! Sometimes I will contribute them :)

And  I bet you know about Zalora, Yes, you can also find Zalora page as one of top Online Store!

And, maybe I will take hiatus for blogging.. Because, my school's tests, homework and assignments are too much. Bye! :)

AND, don't forget to keep joining my giveaway, 3 days left. I will closed the givaway at 14th of May 2012 and will anounce it in the next following day.

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  1. love the glasses!!
    anw, thank ou for featured me here. i'm so honored :) it's my pleasure to made an illustrations for you <3


  2. wow.. nice! :) I love your wishlist!

  3. nice sunglasses! I join Helena's giveaway too, btw.
    I'm craving for that galaxies and collar too.


  4. Those pictures are too cute xoxox
    Enter my ROMWE summer giveaway! ♥

  5. ah dear! thanks for featuring me here. Wish u bunch of luck! the leopard glasses are cute <3 don't feel bad, we always have photoshop to add some colors to our lips ;)

    Anyway once again congrats for your feature in dresscode magazine! hope u like that "little photograph" from me as an appeciation of ur achievement <3

  6. lovely glasses! thanks for sharing that cool site! inspiring post


  7. i love your leopard glasses. cute :D

  8. such a cute glasses, i've been dreaming of having something from romwe too :(

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  9. Absolutely love those Geeky yet chic glasses!!!


  10. I love your sunglasses! Nice blog!

  11. Great photo :)

  12. woow i have one nerd glasses like you. haha and this is my favorite item <3 . oh yaa, i love the ilustration too

  13. Cool glasses, you look so adorable! kisses

  14. Hy, Lisa :) My name's Lisa (also!) haha. Umm, i like this design art and your blog is really nice too !! xoxo COOL! :)


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