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by - January 08, 2012


             Hello everyone. Is it late if I give you a 'gif' christmas photo? hehehe. Yeah this is not an outfit post. I took these photos at cameroid with my santa doll and made 'gif' in photoscape But I think, I wanna move on from blogger to tumblr, kekeke. Why? Because maybe people is more interested in my tumblr than my blog. I have 47 followers without follow back, but blogger? I follow them and they follow me back. Hmm so I think I enjoy tumblr a lot.

             But wait... It doesn't mean that I'll stop blogging. NOOOO, I still love blogging. I still have several photos to be posted, and what you've waited ( I guess :p ) GIVE AWAY featuring lookdeloop shop! lookdeloop is my friend's online shop. They sell a lot of girls' stuffs include accesories, bags, hairclips, and much. Ya but I'll more focus on my tumblr and rarely post in this blog. kekeke

yeaaah ookaaaay just open my tumblr <3 and Ii hope you'll instantly love my tumblr! Good bye :))

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  1. cute santa doll and i love ur tumblr ! it's so lovely :)

    Journal J

  2. Love your santa doll! So cute :)
    It isn't too late to share a christmas gif, don't worry :)

    Finally, you'll made your first giveaway! Can't wait to see it (and maybe join) ahaha :)

    See you soon elly!

  3. Cute! I'll join your giveaway :D

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

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