fashion tips 'GALAXY' and sneak peek post!

by - January 10, 2012

just a sneak peek for the next post. You see the word on my t-shirt, 'Venezia' reminds me of that memory when I was in Venice. I missed Europe a lot.

Yes!! This is selca (Self Camera). I wanted to take outfit post at that time, but nobody wanted. And I decided to put my camera at the table and start th 'Shameless Publication' !

I'll tell you more about Venice at the next following post :)

By the way, so happy that I was featured at ! Yes I choose galaxy as the theme of my fashion tips called 'Galaxy, the new 'IT' trend'.

This the review picture :) So happy that I can contribute in this famous web. This was my third contribution. Just click the image if you want to see larger!

click here!

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  1. I do love galazy motive :D but I don't have enough budget to buy it myself, my parents won't let me buy that, they said it doesn't very nice to wear. Wth? Hahaha.

    I've checked your tumblr, whoa it's a huge improvement, elly! Love the theme, love the posts more! Welcome to tumblr dear, have fun!

  2. yay congrats !
    and of course u can put those pics to tumblr :)

  3. hello dear , so sorry late to reply :( and anyway i've just followed you back :) thank you so much ♥

  4. congrats dear!
    lovely watch and i love your simply chic outfit! sooo cute!
    i follow you back dear. kisses

    sweet candy less sugar


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