redder and creamer

by - December 07, 2011

        Finally back into the laptop. Tommorow is the last day of my final test (yayyyyyyy!) Wish me luck 0:)
I hate when I want to upload my photos from PC. It is so late like a tortoise. hahh. BY the way I wanna share my photos when I attended my cousin's wedding. I used my red outfit from Jakarta to Cierbon and used my white top when midodareni(it is kind of engagement) night.

self timer photos with Pentax Optio S50

Red Quirky T-shirt bought in Hongkong - Handmade Shorts - Giovanni Shoes - Unbranded Bag

Poige Cream Top - Zara Pants

sorry for bad resolution xx enjoy your day

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  1. great photos! u have such a lovely blog!
    check out mine too if ud like:

    xoxo, et

  2. unique top :D

  3. you're so young and talented. great blog, dear. enjoyed your photos and style. so cool that you love korean stuff.... i'm korean. :) just followed you on bloglovin' and google, so totally hoping we can stay connected. happy new year, and cheers from usa!


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