by - December 09, 2011

my mom's Verse navy shirt - vintage brown belt - t+bc acid washed jeans - Vizzano bronze flat shoes - Tiffany's Room hairclip

 took this photos from my last photoshoot for my school graduation yearbook BHK 2010-2011 (6 months ago :p). I miss my bestfriend, my teacher esp. Mr. Karolus the greatest teacher in Mathematics. We're now separated cause I move to my new school, and the do also. This is not the real photoshoot for our yearbook, but we took it when the photoshoot hadn't been started.

 with my bestfriend Karina, the feminime one.
 another photos with my tomboy friend Dioni. She loves J-Pop so much xx

 Me - Dioni - Mr. Karolus - Cindy Natasha - Karina (KB)

photos taken by my friends Karina and Dioni, thanks xx
using Pentax Optio S50 Pocket Camera xx

By the waaaaaayyyy.......
My lovely boyband, INFINITE popped out their new single and MV for Christmas --- Lately / White Confession. You must check! They are very sweet in the MV. CHECH CHECK CHECK! Proud to be INSPIRIT --

for more picture of them, check my tumblr here -----

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  1. love your outfit! and love infinite's lately too :D

  2. Love your jeans dear ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. Too cute! You and your friends look very lovely. Keep up with the blogging.

    xx, Crystal @watermoolen

  4. cool pants, love them :)

  5. love it!!:) your pants are super!


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