i'm not fickle or even pessimistic, but....

by - October 18, 2011

Hello everybody. How are you? thank you for seeing my blog. Tomorrow, I will have a camp in Buperta Cibubur with my beloved school SMAK4 because of PMR activity (I write this in 18th of October, the event is on 19th of October until 21st of October). So I'll leave this electronic thingy for about three days, haha..

Yeah I get this random feeling sometimes. I feel that my blog is so bad. And I think, why does this blog never become famous? I know, I'm not a proffesional blogger. But I try the best of me. Yeah, I'm not thinking that 'I must be famous' No..  but sometimes I think, 'How do people do so their blogs become so famous in very short time. yeah, I'm not fickle, and also not pessimistic. But sometimes I get that random thoughts..

by the way this is sneak peak for next post! me and my friends in Graduation Event a few months ago.  Yippie I've passed and I get the third place of big 10 for the best total score. And now I'm in the 10th grade (Senior High School)!

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