the feminime stripes

by - June 15, 2011

I feel so feminime when I wear this clothes especially the mini skirt. And of course my favorite items..... Stripes t-shirt. Some of my old photos: (these photos has been taken a few months ago..)

1. Let's see these cute stuffs. What should I do with these?

2. Ta-Da! Ouch I still look stiff to pose in the camera. Yeap, because these are my old photos.

3. with self-timer camera.

 4. oups, my face is still so weird, haha.

5. my stuffs:
Marine Bag from ITC Mangga Dua - unbranded stripes t-shirt - mini white skirt from ITC Mangga Dua - Strappy Shoes from Bellagio

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  1. Awnnn, you are so lovely! And you style is as lovely as you are! I hope you can keep your good work! I saw you got some features... I'm happy for you, because you are stylish and deserve it!



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