china-valentine days .

by - February 15, 2011

14th of February 2011. this is a valentine day. happy valentine day all . but sadly I don't celebrate it because i dont have a boyfriend, I just celebrate it with my family. And yesterDAY, my school celebrated the valentines and also the chinese new year! It was too late, huh? But it's okay because we saw barongsai and got many chocolate. ha ha :)

 the gurls with red laces .
 the gurls with their cheerfulness .
 the clever gurls .
 the beautiful gurls .
 me . kb . michelle (my besties) . silvia (gorgeous passion)
 me with : mommy's red t-shirt . pappilon brown belt . school skirt uniform .

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  1. uuuh we're same. celebrated
    valentine without boyfriend :
    ( and i didn't see barongsai :p

    hey, it was me with my mom's
    clothes :3

  2. yep, bell. we're the same *singlehappy* ha ha :D


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