trip to village . bandung

by - January 15, 2011

so happy to go to my village in Bandung and Cirebon :) december.26.2010 until january.01.2011
love the day .

I went to Bandung with my papa, mama, and brother. So excited. We celebrated the christmas there. and also we celebrated my papa and brother in the sam deay. They have the same bornday!

We ate at Queen Restaurant. There also SUZUKI AFF CUP 2010. I'm so excited to see them. But sadly, Indonesia lose. at december 29th 2010, we saw Indonesia match with Malaysia. Indonesia won But sadly Indonesia lost some poins of Malaysia. So Indonesia were the runner up. :)

This is my style when in bandung. So happy to meet my cousins. Big thanks to ci cynthia who wanted photo me .

 with nokia e5 photo it with bb.

shocking t-shirt from bossini hongkong - black jeans - gosh grey sandals - mickey mouse bracelet - studded bracelet

 studded bracelet - mickey mouse bracelet

 black t-shirt - quirky peach dress from carla boutique bandung - necklace - mickey mouse bracelet - disneyland's hongkong bracelet

 the first mickey mouse and the second one. i think i addicted to mickeymouse. huaaahaaa :)

so happy to go to Bandung. yaay. see ya in the next post.

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