by - October 03, 2017

Wearing cami over a shirt is really on trend right now. I managed to buy this top from a local brand called five13label and the price is pretty affordable for a high quality shirt. I also love the detailing on my sleeves. The shoes were a huge trend back then, but now it is outdated.

These photos are pretty much a test on my new lens, 24mm f/2.8. I bought a new pancake lens from Canon because I want to have a small fix lens that is kinda wide. I already have a 50mm f/1.8 but I need another fix lens that is wider. These photos took place in IKEA, and this place is pretty much a mainstream place to take ootd photos. Special thanks to my boyfriend who was willing to take photos of me.

I was trying to be a fashion influencer in these photos, but the struggle was damn real.
1. I bought a pretty big camera, and it's heavy and complicated to bring it. I brought a small bag so the camera wouldn't fit in.
2. To find a good background, we must put a little bit sacrifice. It's hot outside, so we were sweating. The nicest background (the blue one) is near a smelly bin, so we must hold our breath.
3. Luckily I got a boyfriend who is patiently took a lot photos of me. He's kinda annoyed because the smelly bin, though.
4. The top I was wearing is in trend (as I stated above). I'm a little bit late for fashion trends though, so this style is already kinda outdated. I'm not that kind of person who will buy a trendy clothes immediately. I feel like buying trendy clothes is only a waste of money because it will not stay for a long period of time. But sometimes I will  buy the trendy clothes if I like it.
5. I tried to pose and ignore people's stares. But I can't. I was stiff and awkward because people kept staring at me. Thank God my boyfriend was really patient when taking photos.
6. So yeah. 

~ see you in another posts!

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