Laneige x Lucky Chouette Whitening BB Cushion shade 21 (Beige) Review

by - January 05, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 GUYS! I hope in this new year we all have a successful life yet we'll always be blessed. Today I want to review a well-known product in the k-beauty world, which is a bb cushion. Although it is very well-known and popular, this is my first bb cushion ever, so I'm really excited to try this cute-looking product. 
I'm that kind of person who won't collect complexion products like bb cream, foundation, concealer, etc. So at first, I have no intention buying this product. But for holiday, I need a product that is really handy and convinient so that I don't have to bring bb cream, sponge, and concealer with me. So, I finally try this really handy bb cushion.

I bought this bb cream from @beautyglowing store at instagram. The packaging itself is very cute, with owl pattern and pink colour in it. The box is pretty big, because it is filled with the bb cushion itself and a refill. Anyway, we usually see laneige with a very elegant-looking packaging, but for this time, it looks really cute because this series is a collaboration with Lucky Chouette, a korean-designer brand. The whitening series is in pink colour, whether the pore control series is in black. 

*click to enlarge*
At the back-part of the box, we get some information in Hangul, which I don't understand. But I understand some words that are written in English, which is:
1. It will expire a year after you open the sealed bb cushion,
2. This bb cushion contains SPF 50+, which is a good thing because Indonesia is hot every day so SPF is a must.
The whitening series is for those people who have normal to dry skin, so I bought this one. The pore control one is for oily to combination skin, so I think it doesn't suit me. I bought shade 21 Beige.

When we open the box, we get a bb cushion (which contains a case & a refill) and a refill that is sealed with plastic. One point that makes me interested with laneige is that Laneige provides a new refill for us, so we don't have to buy another bb cushion (with the case, of course) again. I'm not that kind of person who likes to collect bb cushion case, for me it is a waste of money and it makes your vanity full, lol.

Here's the detail for the cushion refill. Expiry date still 2 years ahead though, so you can keep it for the future when your current refill is empty. The refill contains a bb cream and a sponge.

Here is what's inside the bb cushion. I love this technology so much, make we more convinient.

This is what's behind the bb cushion. If the bb cream is empty, you can remove and replace it with the new refill. There's some information at the back of the cushion, the shade (21 Beige), volume (15 gr), and expiry date.

I once read in Laneige website that this sponge has some kind of technology that makes the bb cream's absorbed to our skin. I've tried and the information is damn true. Here's how you use it: Don't swipe it, but tap it instead. When you tap the sponge towards your face, it makes the bb cream absorbs and smooth. The sponge's texture is kind of latex, so it is hard when you want to swipe it. So, don't.

It's still sealed!

When you open the seal, there's a sponge that you call 'cushion' that has a laneige style pattern. This pattern only exists in bb cushion that is 2016 products.

When you swipe it with finger on the back of your hand, the color looks a little bit light. But when you blend it on your face, the color is smooth on your skin and give some whitening effect, as it is claimed by laneige. The color itself is lighter than my skin tone though. I like when I tap it on my face because there's a cooling sensation on my face.

This is the result after I apply the bb cream, after & before. I'm really impressed with this bb cushion. It makes my skin flawless, dewy, yet gives whitening effect. Besides, it has a medium coverage, so it can cover my under-eye. Maybe it looks a little bit lighter than my skin tone, but trust me, once you apply  full makeup, it will look natural and flawless.


PACKAGING: Pinkish, cute, girly, not an typical laneige peckaging that usually elegant and expensive. But actually I like this packaging more! This packaging is one point that makes me interested with this product. The pore control one is in black, and the whitening one is in pink. I love both colours, but because I bought the whitening one, I got the pink.

SHADE / COLOUR: For this series, Laneige only provides two color which is 13 Ivory and 21 Beige. For a yellow skin Chinese like me, 21 Beige is the one that suitable for my skin, because the 13 one is really light. Maybe for you who has a really fair skin, you can buy shade 13. Sadly for people who have tan skin / dark skin, this series doesn't provide darker shades. So maybe if you wanna buy darker shade, you should buy the original packaging / series instead.
Shade 21 Beige is a little bit light on my skin, but when I apply full makeup, this bb cream absorbs to my skin well and it looks natural on me.

TEXTURE: I really like the texture, it's dewy but it doesn't make my skin oily. It makes my skin looks flawless and smooth. Besides, this whitening-effect pretty much works, my face looks fresh and bright. But something I notice that at the second application, I felt my face a little bit itchy. Maybe because I  apply it on my dry skin, so it made my skin itchy. But at the third application and so on, I use soothing gel before I put this bb and it applies really well. The texture is also light at my face.

LONGEVITY: This bb cream doesn't crease because of sweat, but if you wear it day to night, it will fade especially on your T-Zone, because T-Zone tends to oily. This whitening series doesn't have that matte effect, it's more dewy, so it doesn't last as long as the pore control one, which is more suitable for oily to combination skin. I suggest you guys to add loose powder on your T-Zone so it doesn't easily crease.

COVERAGE: For a bb cream, I can say this bb cushion is medium coverage, because it can cover my under-eye. I don't have to use concealer anymore and it still looks good. You can also build it up so it has high coverage.

PLUS POINT: One point that I like from this bb cushion (yet it's the reason why I bought this) is because it's really convenient. This bb cushion is really useful especially when you are going to travel, so you don't have to bring bb cream, foundation, beauty blender and concealer. You only have to bring this one bb cushion and it can cover your imperfection.

PRICE: For a college student like me it's a bit pricey, Rp 400.000,00 or $30 but seeing that I got a bb cushion and a refill, and it's really good in my skin, I think it's worth it.


Here's the makeup I wore a few weeks ago:
Face: The Saem Iceland Hydrating Essence // Laneige Whitening BB Cushion // Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder // Catrice Sun Glow Matte Bronzer // Makeover Blush in Cruise Coral
Eyes: Revlon Eyebrow Pencil // Mizzu Eyebase Essentials // Sleek eyeshadow palette //Kiss Me Heroine Liquid Eyeliner
Lips: BLP Beauty in Lavender Ccream

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  1. the case is sooo pretty but sadly I can't find the suitable shade for me :(

    by the way, nice post :)



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