Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet No. 05 Inktude Rose Review

by - October 21, 2016

Hey guys! It's me again! It's been a while since my last post, rite? Today I wanna review a Korean lip product, yeah another Korean product! The brand itself is called Peripera, and the product is named 'Peri's Ink Velvet'. Peripera has actually launched a lip product before which is called Peri's Ink, but now they launched another Peri's Ink with a new formulation, which is lip tint with a velvety cream texture. I bought this online and the price is about $13 in Indonesia and 12.000 won of its original price.
I am interested buying this because the color looks sooo pretty in the picture. I was looking for a soft red lipstick, so I was pretty interested with this lip tint, especially in number 05 Inktude Rose. So.... Here's the review!

In my opinion, the box is pretty good, I really love the metalic effect of it. But I think it's too big, so if you are one of those person who like to keep your lipstick with the box, this box might take some places in your drawer. I personally don't keep boxes, I just throw them away :p

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There are some writings at the back part of the box, which is, as expected, in Korean Hangul. I don't understand at all, but fortunately there's still some sentences in English. There's also written the lip tint's life span, which is 12 months. It's so fassst rite ><

The name of the shade is written on top of the box, which is called "Inktude Rose", and there's barcode and shade number underneath the box. 

When we open the box, there's this cute little bottle! I think the bottle is reaaaally cute because it has a pipette shape. This packaging is actually peripera's typical lip tint packaging, and I do like it. The bottle is small so you can bring it to everywhere. Also, the bottle's color is just similar with the tint.

On the other side of the bottle, it's written 'peripera'. There's shade number and some hanguls (again) underneath the bottle, and the life span is also written in there. For the applicator, it has a slanted shape, and it's pretty good to reach rear part of your lips. But it's a little bit hard to frame your lips tho. Hmmm, maybe I'm not good at framing my lips >< or maybe it's because the applicator? I don't know.

Left swatch is applied fully, whether the right one is blended. I put a little amount of the lip tint and blend, The color is soo good rite? :")

Although it is a lip tint with a velvety texture, it's still a lip tint, so it really stays well on your lips. But sadly, the tint is pink, while the lip tint itself is red, so it's not similar. This lip tint is really suitable for people who don't like to touch up their lipstick, especially after eating. But, the bad (or goood?) side of it is that it stays to long on my lips, and it doesn't come off although you have rubbed it with makeup remover, either water based or oil based. Maybe you must wait until the next day, which is pretty terrifying for me.

This is the full review / opinion!

PACKAGING: It's really cute, I really like the packaging. The shape is so unique, and it has a color which resembles the lip tint's color. The size is also small so you can put it in your makeup pouch easily. The applicator is slanted, It can reach your rear lips but for me, it's really hard to frame yout lips. Maybe the applicator is too big? I don't know.

COLOR: Tbh, what makes me interested with this lip tint is only the color. And I do really like it. The color is red, but it's soft and has a little hint of orange. The name of the shade "Rose" really resembles the color. It's pretty hard to describe the color but yeah.

TEXTURE: Like its name, velvet. It has a velvety cream texture, and I like a lip tint with a velvety texture. Seperti namanya, velvet. Dia teksturnya velvety cream gitu, dan aku suka banget sama tekstur lip tint yang velvet. It's pigmented yet it glides on smoothly.Besides, this lip tint doesn't make your lips dry at all. My lips feel just okay with it, and it doesn;t crack. This lip tint doesn't transfer and really last long on your lips.When you apply it, just wait for a few minutes, and voila! It doesn't transfer!
But, the negative side of it... I don't know why but this lip tint set really quickly, so if you wanna make gradient lips, you should blend it as fast as tou can. I have experienced this before, I put some tint on my lips and waited for a minute. After that I wanna blend it but it has set. Besides that, you should take just a little amount of the lip tint because it has velvety texture, or less you will have too many products on your lips.

PIGMENTATION: It's reallllly pigmented. One swipe, and you can get the color you want. But be careful, don't put too much on your lips.

COVERAGE: The coverage is really great, it can cover your lips fully and beautifully. Because this is lip tint, it's tinted on your lips in pink color.

LASTING POWER: This lip tint reaallly last long, even after we eat. At your inner lips, the color is a little bit faded, but because it's tinted. Well, it doesn't look like it's faded at all. But in my personal opinion, the lasting power is too long, and I am terrified. The tint is really hard to come off, even if you have used oil based remover.

SCENT & TASTE: It's has a yummy fruitty scent, and the taste is not chemically at all. It rastes like fruit.

PRICE: In Indonesia's online shop it's about Rp 130.000 - Rp 145.000


gradient lips

 full lips

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