The Face Shop x Disney Watery Tint No. 03 Orange Candy Review

by - September 16, 2016

A few weeks ago, my cousin went to Korea to continue her study there. She was accompanied by her parents, who are also my aunt & uncle. When her parents went back gome, they brought me and my brother gifts, which my cousin bought for us.  One of the gift is going to be reviewed today!

Truth to be told, I have never used any lip tints. YES, I have never used any lip tints! I feel like lip tint's texture is too liquidy and the colors are all the same, with red tone, which I used to unlike. Because my cousin gave me this, this maybe a chance for me to try lip tint, and maybe lovin' it! Thanks Lisa for the liptint! Now let's start with the review.

This lip tint series have 6 colors, which are dominated by pink, orange, red-orange, dark-red color. The color is all sooo pretty, and the packaging is too cute to have!

For the packaging, it's major cute and really resembles Mickey Mouse! The cap looks like Mickey's head, and the bottle is designed with polkadots, so with the combination of red color and polkadots, it makes the packaging looks like Mickey sooo much! Girls who love Disney can't resist this cute lip tint.
At the cap, it's written 'watery tint' - which means the teture of the tint is watery, and at the other side ther's DIsney's logo! It's so cute.
*click to zoom in*
So, when you first get it, the bottle is wrapped by plastic, and the plastic is sticked by a sticker contains of lip tint's information. It has DIsney's logo, barcode, lip tint's name, and ingredients. 

Under the bottle, there is a sticker with expired date information and the shade of the lipstick.

I have no problem with the applicator, for me it's not bad nor good. The shape is a slanted, and it can reach lips' edges.
inside the lip tint.

It's definitely a sheer orange!! From the packaging it looks red-orange, but actually when you swatch it, the color is orange.
It's tinted, as the name: Lip tint! The color isn't dissapear at all, even when it's removed by oil based makeup remover.

PACKAGING: It's cute, creative, and really resembles Disney, specially Mickey. Two thumbs up for the packaging! If you are Disney lover you definitely want this. The applicator is not good nor bad, it's just okay. The shape is slanted. I have no problem with it.

COLOR: I've never have a confidence to wear orange lipstick, because I'm afraid it's too flashy, but after I use this, ehm, maybe because the texture is sheer, it looks good on me! It's a natural orange. I really like the color and I can have a new shade.

TEXTURE: Based on it's name, 'watery tint', the texture is watery and liquidy, maybe it's just like the other typical lip tint. The negative side is, because of the watery texture, I really hard to get that gradient effect. The color is all blended in my lips, even when I add more and more color to my lips, it can't be gradient, especially on my upper lips. So I just prefer to use it fully.

PIGMENTATION: Because it's watery, when you swipe it on the lips, it looks sheer and not pigmented as in lip lacquer or liquid lipstick. Yeah, what can you expect from a watery lip tint. But when you swipe it more then twice, you can see a little gradient effect, and it shows the real color of the tint. The negative side is, because it's sheer, it can't cove my dark lips. Maybe I must've used concealer first.
COVERAGE: As I said before, because the texture is sheer, you must swipe it a few times to cover full lips.Seperti yang tadi aku bilang, karena teksturnya yang sheer, harus beberapa kali swipe untuk bisa meng-cover seluruh bibir. If you want a gradient lip, you just swipe it inside your lips, tap and blend. But I don't really like gradient lip with lip tint because it can't cover my dark lips.

LONG LASTING: It can last about 7 to 8 hours if you don't eat. If you eat, there's still some leftovers which is pretty good. BUT, the negative side is, it is sooo hard to be removed. I am a bit terrified tbh. I've used oil remover, but it is only removed a bit.

SMELL & TASTE: The smell is really good, something like cherry. However, the taste is a bit bitter, when you first apply it, it's sweet, but a few seconds later it's bitter. But after 10 minutes, he taste will gone.

HARGA: It's soo affordable, about$4 - $5.

RECOMMENDED? Maybe yes, for collection, because this has a cute packaging.But if you already have lots of lip tints, maybe you can pass this. The quality isn't that great.

Pardon my zits on my forehead T_T Seeyou on another review!

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