Clio Lipnicure Glass #6 Love Hate Review

by - August 13, 2016

Hey guys, I'm back with another review featuring "Korean Beauty item", which is Clio Lipnicure Glass in no. 6, shade Love Hate. This product is the newer version of the original Clio Lipnicure which isn't everybody's favorite, and I am here to review the product. 
This product came out in 2014, but I've just found out this product last month when I was having a vacation in Taiwan. I decided to buy this lip cream spontaneously, I saw it in Clio's rack in Cosmed, chose the color, and bought it.

I really love the box design. The box really represents the lip cream's shade. And of course, it's my favorite colour, pink and black. The combination of pink and black is soooo pretty. On top of the box, it's written the shade of the lip cream, both in Korean and English.

*click to enlarge*
It has all ingredients in english and description in chinese, yes because I bought it in Taiwan.

Here's the packaging of the lip cream. The bottle is made by thick plastic, so it won't broke. And the bottle is transparant, so you can see the liquid by seeing only the bottle. Under the bottle, there are some information about the lip cream, both in English and Korean.
What I hate about the packaging is that the cap of the bottle is not really secure. I don't know why whether I got a defect bottle or something, but when I turned the bottle upside down, or even when I carry it in my bag, it spills out. See the pictures below.
See? It spills everywhere, and I remembered when I took out the bottle from the box, the liquid smeared everywhere inside the box. Argh, hate it soooooo much :(
Here's the wand, by the way. It has a very unique shape and it is really unique that makes you put your lip cream easier and faster at the center of your lips (if you want to make full lips), but it's a bit hard to reach the tip of your lips & you will feel a bit difficult to line your lips, because the tip of the wand isn't thin enough. 

Here's the swatch on my hand. The color is so pretty, no? It's pink with a hing of mauve. (Left: full color; right: blended)
The color when it's applied at the center of the lips (ombre / gradation lips - korean wannabe, huh?)
The color when it's applied in my lips fully.

Packaging: Nice packaging, I love it. But the thing I hate is only the cap of the bottle. It doesn't close well so it smears everywhere if I carry it out. I can't bring it when I go out to retouch my lips.

Applicator: It actually has a unique shape. It makes you easier to put the color on the center of the lips, but, to line your lips, it's a bit hard. The tip of the wand isn't that thin to reach tip of your lips.

Color: I really like the color. It's pink with a little hint of mauve. The color is really wearable for everyone. If you want to go for a sweet look, use it as a tint so it turns into gradation. If you wanna go a lil bold, use it fully. 

Texture: It has a thick texture like lipgloss but has no sticky feelings. The finish texture is velvet if you use it as a lip tint (ombre lips), but if you apply it fully, the texture is velvet, with a glossy & shiny hint. Really love it! It doesn't make your lips cracked and it's pretty much mosturizing.

Coverage: It's so pigmented. You swipe once, and the color will show pretilly. I can say it gives your lips a full coverage without having heavy feelings on your lips. It's so light weight!

Lasting Power: Pretty average, 7-8 hours if you don't eat. If you eat, it will dissapear on the center of your lips. Bu it still gives you a little tint that has absorbed when you apply it. Transferproof? No. Because it's not a matte lipstick. It will transfer anywhere. Don't forget to bloat your lips first to a tissue paper after you use your lip cream.

Scent & Taste: It has a fruity scent, which I like, but it has a horrible taste, which I don't like. It seriously has a chemical taste when you apply it. But after a few minutes, the taste is gone. But I still hate it.

Recommended? Not really. You can get another better lip cream than this to be honest. But if you wanna try, go for it! It has a nice color :)

Score: 7/10
What I hate? The cap of the bottle, the horrible taste.

see you for another post! :)

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  1. Mirip-mirip Rire Lip Manicure yaa, sama-sama bentuknya kecil dan kayak kuteks gini. Warnanya cantik banget di kamu!

    XOXO, Cilla


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