Taiwan Beauty Haul.......and random things 2016

by - July 17, 2016

Hi guys! Guess what, I feel really bored in this holiday, so hey blogger (and readers), here we catch up again dude! I just got back from Taiwan a week ago, and to be really honest, Taiwan is just okay for me. If I would score it, maybe it's 6 out of 10? There are some reasons why I was just okay with it,
1. I join a group tour, so it was so in rush (woke up at 6 a.m, took a breakfast at 7 a.m, went out at 8 a.m, go back to hotel at 9 until 10 p.m) and the schedule was really tight, so I didn't really enjoy the scenery and the food and the shopping time to the fullest.
2. I am not a food hunter, so when we went out for night market, I wasn't that super duper excited. Maybe if you are a food blogger, this place is for you. But if you are not, and if you are a shopper like me, I suggest you to go to Japan or Korea instead.
3. There was freaking Typhoon called Nefartak, so we couldn't go to a city called Hualien and all schedule there was cancelled. 

Nonetheless, although there were some reasons that make me feel uncomfortable, I still enjoy the tour. I love the funny and talkative tour leader, the clumsy and handsome tourguide, and I love all beauty convenient store there!! Watsons, Sasa, Cosmed.. oh my God they are heaven. I just wish those Japanese-Taiwanese makeup is available in Indonesia.... with a reasonable price.

For clothing stores, the only shops I love was in Fongjia Market in Taipei (if I'm not mistaken) because all clothes are really great and up-to-date, with a very cheap price! All clothes were below $20, I don't know, maybe because it was on sale? I don't really know tho. The other store I love is called 50%, it is located inside Dream Mall in Kaohsiung, and it's Chinese version of Forever 21. Great clothes with reasonable price. And don't be fooled, it's not all items there are 50% off, it is just the name of the store!

A tip for you when you go to Taiwan.. know basic Chinese. Because people in Taiwan can't speak English, even basic English, If you can't really speak Chinese, just download an application called 'Pleco', it really helps you. And one more. Taiwan is part of China, but in Taiwan, you can't really bargain. They will give you free stuffs, but they don't let you bargain.

Oh My Gosh I ramble too much! Here are my haul, it's beauty stuffs and random things. I don't post clothing items and snacks here because.... I don't want to. Hehe.

If you go to Taiwan, you must really buy Face Masks because the price is so damn cheap there. 1 box for 200-250NT ($10) for 8 pieces, how cheap is that?? In Indonesia, 1 sheet mask can cost you like $2 - $3, it's really a bargain if you buy  Masks in Taiwan! You can buy Masks in Cosmed, Sasa, or Watsons.

This is Mom's Japanese mask from Kose. This is not as cheap as others tho, but mom was impressed with all Japanese writings on the box -___- So she bought it!

My Beauty Diary! The most famous mask from Taiwan. I bought 3 boxes, one box is original, the others are special edition with cute cat pictures on them. I wanted to buy Sexylook black mask too because people on the internet say it's really good, but mom didn't let me because the color was black (what the.... okay, right or wrong, mom is always right, said every kid) so I didn't buy it. Nevertheless, 3 boxes of masks are enough tho.

Mom wanted to buy the famous eyebrow tattoo thingy from Etude House, so we went to Etude House in Ximending and bought 2 pieces. Fyi, Korean road shops in Taiwan is pretty expensive, but luckily we got promo for these items (if you buy one, it costs 490NT, if you buy two, it costs 500NT -_-) so we bought two items.
I've tried these on my eyebrow, but maybe, because I have a thick eyebrow, it didn't really show up. But on my mom's eyebrow, it shows up and lasts about 2-3 days.

Before I went to Taiwan, I intended to buy a waterproof & smudgeproof eyeliner, because my Etude House eyeliner isn't smudgeproof. So I tried this Kiss Me Heroine Eyeliner and it is both waterproof and smudgeproof! It's also available in Indonesia but the price is no joke. In Taiwan it was only 300NT which is $10, whether in Indonesia it was like $20 if I'm not wrong.

I bought two eyeshadows from Japanese brand, one is called 'Integrate' and the other is the famous Kate brand. I've tried these eyeshadows, they're not that pigmented unless you put eye primer first, but I'm impressed with the glitters. I love Japanese eyeshadows because they are sooo glittery ;") I'll make a review on Japanese eyeshadows, stay tuned! :)

I decided to buy this Clio Lipnicure glass in shade Love Hate. It was unplanned tho, I just see Clio rack and I chose which color of the lipstick that is wearable. So I ended up buying this. 

And here  comes the random stuffs!!
My mom offered my brother and I to buy this cute micro blocks in Shihlin Market, so I bought this one and it is seriously addicting! I want to buy more.

Bought a gudetama doll in Ximending! I always buy two things whenever I go travelling, One is doll, Two is magazine. So I also manage to buy:
Taiwanese Vivi Magazine! 

I got this sunglasses from 50% store I told you before.. for free! Because we spent more than 2000NT there. So yeah. Cool sunnies thoo!

Last but not least, I bought the Taiwanese keychain which has my birthday and I got a free tourist card worth 888NT so I bought some makeup and snacks and stuffs with it. It can be used on some convenient stores like Watsons, 7Eleven,  Family Mart, Cosmed, and Airport foodcourt.

So it's the end of my post! Overall I enjoy my trip to Taiwan although it was not as enjoyable as my previous trip, but I'm happy with all makeup I bought there omg! Hahahahaha, See you in the other post :) luvyaa

P.S : I won't probably share my trip photos because I am too lazy to edit it, plus, I haven't even continued my previous Japan trip photos :') So yeah we'll see. I am not a pro blogger so I just post anything I want and feel like to post. Bye!

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  1. Where did you buy the keychain and tourist card? Thanks!

    1. I got the tourist card from the tour leader (I used a travel agent from my country) and the keychain is from Tamsui Old Street! Hope it helps :)

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