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by - February 15, 2015

Friday the 13th so far might be one of the best moment in February, because I finally caught up with my high school buddies! That week was the most boring week in my holiday, because I managed to meet some of my high school friends on Tuesday, but flood in Jakarta made us hold our plan. That whole week I had nothing to do at home since there was flood in my neighborhood. But thank God it wasn't raining hard on Thursday and Friday and finally I could meet my friends!

At first we had no idea where we would eat, but finally we chose this mainstream restaurant called Beatrice Quarters. I've been to Beatrice Quarters PIK, so this was my second time to lunch. I bought my dslr to take some outfits but I couldn't resist to take pictures of those beautiful food. So here it is, some photos I managed to take :)

I am neither food photographer nor food lover so pardon me if the review isn't that good. If you have some questions feel free to ask beloooow!

Beatrice Quarters at Puri Indah Expansion is much bigger than PIK's, but I love PIK's decor more. It is a decent place for you who want instagramable photos with your friends, the lighting is perfect, the place is light at noon so you'll get perfect instagram photos. Although the room is big, I feel like it's too much table there so it looks like it's a little bit narrow. The wall is painted with pink color so it gives more excitement for me (fyi I am a pink lover lol)

P.s: I totally forgot to take the bill, so pardon me for not showing the price... As I remembered, the prices of food we ordered are around Rp 50.000- Rp 80.000. We ordered 'Burgundy' for beverage, but it's a bit pricey for me and a jar of burgundy (+ it's upsized) wasn't enough for 7 people.... It was cost around Rp 600.000 for 7 of us.

Decor photos:

Here's what we ordered:
Chicken Aglio Olio (no chili)
I don't really into Italian dish, but this is absolutely good! I really like that it's not creamy. The seasoning is also good, really like it! Argh I'm not a foodies so I'm not that good in describing food taste but this is good. It's also not that pricey, though. The spaghetti was a bit overcooked, but overall it's good!

Meat Lovers Rice Pizza Large
As reviewed by my friends: It tasted good, but not that special for a 'Rice Pizza' (kurang greget, katanya). The dish cooked well and it's quite big for a large size. Love the idea, usually pizza is made from dough but this one is pretty unique, made from rice! 

Carbonara Bacon and Egg
As reviewed by my friend:
It tasted good and for this kind of food with price around Rp 58.000,00, very worth it. The fetucines cooked well and I really love the bacon. The only thing that made me give a minus point is that the cream was too much and it was too oily, so it made me queasy. But overall it's good. 

Les Japonais Mussels and Seafood
As reviewed by my friend: It is good but not that special, rated upper average. Overall it's a good meal but the presentation wasn't that good, there are a bit sauce in the side of the plate. The seafood portion didn't reach my expectation, it's too little :p

 Beef Aglio Olio
As reviewed by my friend:
It's not really good for me. I made a wrong choice. The fried onions are bitter. It would be better if they added tomato sauce or chili sauce. Besides, I like how the spaghetti cooked well, yet they added slices of chili for garnish.

Les Japonais Beef
As reviewed by my friend: 
It's good but I didn't get that 'western feel' in this dish. The fetucines were overcooked so it's not al den te. But I love the taste, and for the price, it's worth.

Banana Choco Honey Toast
I've tasted the Classic Honey Toast before, and for me it's just the same with this one except for the topping. The only thing that ruined this dessert is the cream that tasted like butter :( I didn't really like the butter taste, but overall, it's pretty good! Love the bread texture inside that gigantic bread :p

All reviews are all honest opinion by my friends.... So pardon me if those comments are a bit sarcastic somewhat, but I wrote as honest as I can based on their personal opinion.

Restaurant information:
Beatrice Quarters
Puri Indah Expansion Lt. 1
Jl. Puri Indah Raya, Puri Indah, Jakarta

See you in another post! :)

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  1. lovely shot lis!! :D
    i love the carbonara and les japonais one! <33

    cheer, michelle

  2. i often go to puri indah but i never tried beatrice quarters there ahahhaha would love to try next time:)
    thank you for sharing lis!


  3. Wow! Food looks really good!
    Seems like a decent place!
    XOXO from Shanghai

  4. Now you make me hungry :")

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Blogger

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