The Ordinary

by - May 26, 2014

La Toya inner // Forever21 cross shirt // Mango leather jeans // Chocolate Schubar shoes // Steve Madden sling bag // Wempe watch // Valencia handcuffs necklace (gifted) // F21 eiffel necklace

It's another ordinary "my typical style" outfit. Hung out with my good friends to watch Spiderman 2 (It was pretty touching and it literally tried to be different from another Superhero movies) and we were wearing the black&white outfit coincidentally! 

Talking about style, I am the one whose style is chameleon, I love to try many different style, but everyone has their own fashion statement, right? My mom loves to wear shirts and bold color, so I'm  influenced by her! My fashion statements are button down shirts, bold and monochrome colors, trousers and midi skirts. You may rarely see me in very short shorts because I'm not the one who have thigh gaps or chopstick thigh, so I'm not that confident! I also used to wear sleveless top/dress, but as time passed by, my arm got bigger and I'm more confident wearing coverage such as shirts, jacket or sweater. Besides, my uni doesn't allow their students to wear sleveless top to uni so I rarely buy sleveless top now. 

Some of you may think that my style is very very very ordinary as the title said... but I don't really mind it because this is my own style, and I appreciate everyone's style. As long as you are comfortable to wear it, and you become yourself, it's style! You maybe often hear "I love what I wear, and I wear what I love". I really love that quotes, because it's definitely true! 

Ah, sorry for blabbering too much! I am on my holiday and I have nothing specific to do, so I fill my night time to make drafts in my blog. Have a nice day and ciaooooo! xx

#nowplaying for May 2014 (I also put this on my header but it will change by months! :D)

♫ American Authors - The Best Day of My Life

♫ Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea - Problem

♫ Bruno Mars - Young Girls

♫ Calvin Harris - Summer

♫ MKTO - Classic

♫ Paramore - Ain't It Fun

♫ Paramore - Anklebiters

♫ Phillips Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone

♫ Pompeii - Bastille

♫ Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart

♫ 5 Seconds of Summer - Don't Stop

♫ 5 Seconds of Summer - Heartbreak Girl

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  1. you look cute, dear! love the sandals!
    love, Yulia

  2. great outfit lis!

  3. that's true lis!! why listen to them judgers?? :p
    anyway love the cross pattern shirt so much :D
    btw, jawab my get to know me TAG yahh! ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  4. Your love outfit as always ! <3


  5. cantiiknyaaaa youuu lis!!

  6. you look so fabulous dear! love your top! ^^)

    xoxo, rae

  7. Cool outer! Thanks for sharing your May playlist!


  8. So cute, your top is so pretty. Great playlist too :)

  9. ah love your bag !

  10. I love that bag! you look great!!!

  11. You look very pretty! And I love your bag so much <3


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