March Shoes Wishlist

by - April 27, 2014

It's been long time since I made my wishlist. Now I make one which is my shoes wishlist! I've been craving for korean shoes because there are soooo many models, such as heels, creepers, boots, flats, and many more. I found a website which is called "Dressale" which sell lots of korean shoes with a good quality and affordable prices. They even hold a discount promo this week, so if you want to check (or maybe buy some?) you can check them asap! :)

Here are some shoes I like from their website, and I'll review them one by one!

black // nude // pink // gold
Yes. Mid heels.To be honest, I'm not the one who love high heels with 12 cm heels because I don't have a petite body yet high heels make my feet feel in pain. I do have some high heels only for wedding party, but not for daily basis. These four heels are very beautiful. I really love the color.
Black : Black goes with everything, so I pick this shoes. I really love the stud on the edge of the shoes and the strap make it look sweet yet chic.
Nude : These shoes are really suitable for party event, because the strap has gold chain in it, and I really love nude color, it's neutral.
Pink : These very feminime heels are my favorite because the pink color is really sweet and I really love the embelishment on the back of the shoes.
Gold : Gold is a very bold color for me. You should have one.
Hearing the word "sandals", maybe what popped out in your head was something ordinary. But these sandals? Could be extraordinary.
Silver : Wow. Look at those wings on the shoes. I really love the shoes. The wings say it all.
Black : Simple yet chic. This sandals goes for everything casual, but with the gold statement above the T-bar, they're just amazing.
Gold : Going hippie? Try these sandals. Really love the gold color and the fringe look amazing.

monochrome // floral // lace
To be honest, I have no creepers at my home, and I'm craving one!! 
Monochrome : Monochrome is just my life. I really love monochrome, especially these creepers over here!! The details are just like a tuxedo, soo cute!
Floral : These floral boots are just sooooooooo cute!! love the print soo much. No words.
Lace : I really love the combination between leather and lace. The shoes are just very pretty! Although these are not creepers but I still like them!

Aren't they cute?? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Really pretty shoes! I recently purchased boots like the one on your last photo, just in another colour and design! Gotta say the lace one is so pretty :) And I've always wanted to buy creepers too!

  2. i want sandals and heels, and everything! :)))))

    Pudding Monster

  3. suka sama bootsnya deh! used to have one tapi udah rusak haha.. happy holidays!!


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