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by - March 07, 2014

So have you watched Oscar / Academy Awards 2014?? I am really happy for the winners, especially for Lupita Nyong'O who is currently my favorite actress!! Her speech is reaaally beautiful and her dress is really amazing. It looked like Cinderella's gown though. I am really proud of her, I love the way she speaks to interviewers, she's reaaaally humble and she's very funny. She is also very very pretty although some people underestimate her because she's Kenyan, but I really proud of her! Emmm, speaking about Oscar, these are some photos I repost here in my blog. These are Oscar's best dressed recap. They are all very very beautiful (but I am still #teamlupita HAHA)

Angelina Jolie // Kate Hudson // Lupita Nyong'O // Amy Adams // Naomi Watts // Jennifer Lawrence

Don't you agree that those women are really beautiful, yet the dresses are sooo elegant?? We sometimes think if we can be as pretty as them or as classy as them. But we also sometimes don't know what dress to wear to special ocassion.

There's a solution here I wanna share with you. If you really want to get Elegant Dress, you can get them at a website called DressWe. (http://www.dresswe.com/elegant-dresses-101847/). You can choose what kind of dresses you want, and what's really surprising is that they have cheap special ocassion dresses.

You can get these beautiful dresses from DressWe ( http://dresswe.com ) and those dresses which I recommend you are on sale now! Grab them as soon as possible :p If you want to get prom shoes, you can also buy them at Dresswe ( http://www.dresswe.com/prom-shoes-7289/ ).

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  1. gorgeous dresses! x3
    lupita nyong'o's dress surely looks like cinderella's gown ;;)

    cheer, michelle

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  3. don't trust the website,it's scam,i have bad experience in ordering from the site. so i have to buy dress at another site:
    58eveningdress.com .dress is really great quality. I ordered size 10 and it fits perfectly. Received my dress yesterday, its stunning, fit perfectly, colour beautiful.


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