une fille, pas un garçon

by - January 10, 2014

When I wrote this post, I must admit that holiday has been over. It's soooo freakin sad when I realize that I'm twelve grader now, and soon, I'll get national exam test so I can't be soo chill and careless at my house. But, the day before I went to school, Vania, Rosa and I managed to meet up in Plaza Senayan to chill at Union.

I first asked Vania to come earlier at 11 am while the meet up schedule was at 1. We were sight-seeing some stores and we ate together. At 2 pm, we decided to directly go to Union. But, when I arrived at Union, I was very dissapointed because it was under construction :'( Fortunately there were lots of cafes in PS sooo Vania and I chose Garçon because the place is quite nice and famous. After we took seat, Rosa came. She is soo cheerful and fun, and both of us are witty people haha sooo it was really fun to chat with them especially about fashion. Finally I came back home via Central Park with Rosa.

Anyway guys, I got that pretty black and white shirt from Sammydress.
Sammydress is an online shop from (probably) China and has quite lots of choices of fashion stuffs. I'll write the review with my own opinion.
Love: the pattern is really nice and same as the picture. the material is quite light and i really love that black and whitte color. The size is free size and it is fit to me, maybe it will fit to those of you who has s-m body size. The price was quite cheap, about $8.
Hate: When I first got it, the material is not really good althought it is light (I first thaught it was like sweater material). My mom said that the material makes me feel hot. It was also some loose thread from the shirt. The shirt also had weird smell but the smell will gone if you wash it.

I also got this ring set from Sammydress and I only bought these for $4, quite cheap rite? I'll give you another review of these rings.
Love: they were actually prettier when you compare the real ones with the picture. Really love the gold color, they were soooo nice. in love with the bow ring one! soo soo cute. The price is also affordable, about $4.
Hate: I don't know why but soon after I used them, my fingers got green (kind of bruise?) after I removed the rings. Maybe they were too tight or...? I don't know.

I got my shoes from a local store called Vizanno. I bought another black kitten heel-ed shoes because my old shoes have broken soooo I bought these.
My bag is from Steve Madden, first I didn't want to buy this because I have the same style bag from Bershka, but mom said this bag is so stylish soo mom bought it for me. A few days later my bershka bag was broken. I don't know if my mom has sixth sense HAHA
Last, I got my skirt (again) from a local store called Chlorine Clothe, you can check their instagram for their newest collection!

That funny / awkward moment was when you took photos for outfit post then the security guard photobombed you. And lots of people were seeing you while your photos were taken. Hey security guard of Union, I hate you. no, just kidding HHAHA

Sammydress B&W Floral Shirt - Chlorine Clothe skirt - Vizanno shoes - Steve Madden bag - Sammydress Knuckle Ring Set

Please pardon my round face... I'm getting fatter since holiday and I'm on diet now by eating non-fry food and eat many vegetables and fruits, I hope my chubby face won't last forever :') Also pardon for the photoshop tone for this one because my face looks sooo rumpled hahahahah peace!

Special thanks for photographer of the day <#POTD> Miss Vania Aprilia a.k.a The Pudding Monster. Also thankyou Rosa (from Ruby & Rosa) for comin!

p.s: Blog title means "A girl, not a boy". I just found out that Garçon <our meet up place - a cafe> means "boy" so I translated the meaning and made the title hahaha sorry if it's wrong, blame google translate!!


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  1. sooo cute and pretty! this is one of your outfits that I like the most! :)

  2. Love your skirt and your funny skirt flail! And your bow ring is to die for! I already followed you hunny since before! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Blogging Secrets No One Told You About!

  3. I love all your gold accessories


  4. seriously i regret for not able to come because my schedule :"""(((
    love everything u wore lisa youu look so pretty with those vintage look, eps the top! I love your top <3
    i hope i can meet u in the future

  5. seriously i regret for not able to come because my schedule :"""(((
    love everything u wore lisa youu look so pretty with those vintage look, eps the top! I love your top <3
    i hope i can meet u in the future

  6. Super gorgeous photos, I love the black and white combination with the hint of gold accents you made with accessories. Thanks so much for the follow, I really love your blog so I'm gonna hit the follow button too :)

  7. cantttiiiikkk lisss! suka deh sama girly and classy nya lu di sini :D you curl your hair here? hehe...

    it must be lotta fun to meet up there! :D


  8. cieeeee super kece! Had a lot of fun in Garcon with you Lisaa! see you soon!

    ps : the photos turned out awesomeeee ;) fotografernya gue sih (?)

    Pudding Monster

  9. Super cuteeeee!! Loving your bow ring<3<3


  10. lovely outfit and yes the bag is so stylish! <3


  11. Great outfit, I followed you back, your style is really nice, not too mature for your age (i feel like teens in the blogsphere tend to dress a bit too maturely sometimes) but this is classy.

    Btw the reason your finger turned green is because of the metal rubbing on your skin. It's not an allergy don't worry, it's just the metal in the ring is probably cheap iron plated with the shiny color.

  12. Love ur look and ur style :)

    Looking great as usual ...<3



  13. I love the skirt! and i'm glad that you had a great time with your friends xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  14. you cutie pie! oh it's been ages and you look fantastic!! <3


  15. good luck ya jadi murid kelas 12nya :) meski liburan selesai tapi senangnya bisa meet up sama teman2 blogger. you look great as always, suka banget sama cincinya. mungkin kamu pakainya jangan terlalu lama supaya gak membekas ;)

  16. LISA!
    and your outfit look classy.
    love it


  17. woaah aweaweawsome ! would you like to follow me back? such an honor if my name can be stated at your following list :)


  18. awwh i like your shoes,
    yes i got clothes from Sammydress too but the material is not that good , but with that price i don't expect anything. the strap of my dress even broke off before i can wear it =.= i have to sew it back on to wear it!

  19. So, all in all, do you recommend Sammydress online shop to us? :D

    I hope you visit my latest post :)

  20. you look so pretty lisaaa! very mature :D
    love the top and bag x3
    lets meet up some other time ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  21. I love the skirt! It's so ladylike when paired with those shoes.

  22. It's a beautiful skirt and blouse, we like very much your look.
    Kises darling.

    Alicia & Sofía

  23. This outfit really suits you, cute, pretty and feminine. Love that you're so honest about the reviews. That's why I prefer the quality over the quantity when shopping. Have a great start of the week my friend :)

  24. You look mature here. Love your skirt :)

    Join my Mini Giveaway, win lots of cute and pretty fashion stuff. Open worldwide till January 27th. Click here.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  25. I love this outfit on you. Very chic and pretty. I enjoyed reading your post, and had to smile at the security photo/part. Amazing bag, lucky you to have a mom like that. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  26. I like your skirt, it's flirting me. And same as you, I'm getting fatter because of holiday. I need diet also


  27. love the combination of blouse and skirt!

  28. loving your flare skirt! i think you'll be a great blogger. nice picture & outfit there! keep posting! ps. i followed your blog :))

  29. awesome outfit, i love the black and white! and the blouse is gorgeous, what an awesome and interesting print!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  30. Obsessed with midi rings and rings galore right now- so I love love all of yours!! Will have to check that site out! Great look!

    In good faith,

    In Good Faith, Tess

  31. So in love with your top!! <3


  32. your skirt flip photos are so cute! hahah you'll achieve it next time. btw love your top!! :)


  33. your skirt flip photos are so cute! hahah you'll achieve it next time. btw love your top!! :)


  34. This look is like super cute. Love the simplicity within the colors which makes the outfit still complex in someway. Keren!

    Jonathan :)


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