stripes galore.

by - June 19, 2013

I have nothing to do..... in this holiday. Start from next Monday, I have a driving lesson everyday until my holiday ends, so I can't go anywhere far away :') Maybe I just can go to malls, restaurants or just stay at home.

"People tell me how to live when they ain't even living right." - Unknown, 
is describing what I find in my life. Those sh*t people say that we must do this, become this, blah, blah, blah, but actually they do the opposite of their advices. Worse, they even don't realize or admit what they have done. And worst, they accuse another people while actually it's the 'hypocrite people's fault. I really hate this kind of person. They don't really speak the truth and just become a liar.
I find some people are very hypocrite. Do you know a famous cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants? And do you now squidward? Yes. Those people who love to be hypocrite is just the same with Squidward.

Sorry for blabbering too much. Okay, back to today's outfit post,
Wore this simple outfit to Central Park with my mom. Some of the clothes are mom's because she doesn't want to use them again.

 Divided by H&M stripes t-shirt - Black lace vest - Checkered Leggings - Andrew T-Bar Shoes - Kipling x Style Scrapbook camera bag - Stripes Ribbon Clip - Diva Key Ring

sorry for being freak of kpop but I adore these swaggy boys called exo! Their new comeback called 'wolf' is just amazingly amazing!! Love Bacon Suho Tao and Chanyeol ><

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  1. cute ring lisa! I need driving lesson too :| probably at the end of the year *fingers crossed*

  2. wow! couldn't agree more with the hypocrites thingy -hi5- xD
    I love the stripes tee so much and OMG OMG you're an EXOTIC too?? me love EXO too! x3

    cheer, michelle

  3. uaa I'm kpop lover too!
    can;t wait for your next post dear. you look lovely :3

  4. we have the same cam bag and ive gotta say thats the best cambag ever, very pretty! :D

  5. Love your key ring! Great outfit :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. pretty look !
    love your sandals xx

  7. It's a great look

  8. You have an amazing blog!
    would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  9. you are gorgeous! i love your sandals!

    Sandy a la Mode

  10. Happy holiday! I'm having my driving lesson hehe how is your learning so far? :)

  11. Love your look! You look so cute, ;)

    visit my blog whenever you have a chance, and wud you like to follow each other? let me know.

  12. cute stripes .. and love the comeback review ... ^^

  13. adorable and sweet! ;)

  14. I'm not a fan of kpop artists but I find their music really great.
    Anyway I love your outfit especially the leggings :)
    and byt the way, I have an international giveaway on my blog right now. Maybe you'd like to join..


  15. looking lovely

    much love from NYC

  16. Love your legging. and such cute bow
    xo sabbi

  17. I'm pretty obsessed with stripes too lately. Nice outfit! xx

  18. the vest makes me curious, aahhh I want it >____<

  19. super cool outfit!
    I like exo especially D.O hehe :)


  20. awesome leggings! isn't great to get old clothes from your mum?

    and I hope you'll be able to deal with those hypocrites, but in the mean time, don't let them get to you :) YOURE LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE!

  21. You look so adorable! Love the bow!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. love your shoes are so cute
    do you want follow each other?
    let me know


  23. cute top lisa !!i love the effect on your photo. btw vote and join my giveaway maybe you're the lucky one

  24. you look so pretty! the outfit is really cute, love the pants :)

  25. aw i love your top and wait, you have a driving lesson? wow!


  26. hello for the mature girl! good for you, after passed the driving lessons, you can drive go whenever you want, wherever you want :D and you won't miss those blogger meet up again! :D

    lovely basic black-white pattern, lis.. enjoy your holiday ;)

  27. Good luck with your driving lessons :) I'm sure you will find a good way to spend your summer! Kisses!

  28. you look good with this black and white strippy outfit!

  29. lovely and simply perfect, you know im always in love with your purposes!
    finally i decided to comment you, hope youll follow me back <3

  30. simple and chic,xoxo

    please follow @GeekFashionable on twitter, we are trusted online shop. thankyou xx

  31. that is a really cute bow clip :)
    and enjoy your holiday~!!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  32. Cute stylization! And realy lovely song!

  33. In essence, people are giving advice easily, though it's hard to do something, to follow any advice. was always curious too, why do some people think they are smarter than me? Though, with one exception, I've noticed that my mom's recommendations are always true! So, speaking about parents, I think we should listen to them, because they never wish us any bad!
    Coming back to the outfit, I must say you are a really pretty girl, with lovely sense of style!
    Just started to follow you with GFC and on Bloglovin', hope you can follow me back;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  34. love your outfit! such a cute look :D anyway im following you now, hope you can do same :)


  35. do you love to go to central park mall? i love to go there like soooo much...i go there everytime i have free time..
    love your bag so much

    margareta vania


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