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by - May 19, 2013

I've decided to post something non-outfit between every outfit post, so I decided to take pictures of my new stuffs I bought last month in my holiday. I have no intention to show off or anything, I just want to improve my photography skill and fill this blog with cute or pastel photography. I am truly inspired by (you know her) leblogdebetty's new stuff post, I really love how she take every single photo!

I will also post another review, maybe food review, beauty stuffs, pastel photographs, inspirations, room tour, anything! Stay tune!

First batch of shopping, finally I had my quality shopping time with friends! (teehee) and this was my first time buying clothing apparels with my own money. I came to Gaudi and suddenly fell in love with the polkadot dress in the rack and the white studded clutch I'd been searching for. And (at that time), buying 2 stuffs = 20% discount.

I also bought pastel nail polish from Etude House, but I think it's not too good in my nails.And the green-ish skin food nail polish is great but I don't know why it made my nails damaged :(

Last batch of shopping, I bought green nail polish from Skin Food (it's really great) which you can see the picture above, also I bought a gold and silver hair accessories and two dotted bunny style headband.

The truth, is... I have only one new balance sport shoes and it's now very dirty and ugly. My friend said that I'm a true girl. So I decided to buy another sport shoes to replace my old shoes and I found this super adorable shoes whose color I really love. Black. Shocking Pink. Mint. God. I feel swagger.

 black heels have never gone wrong. Another replacement for the old shoes from Mango!

Fell in love at first sight when I saw these shoes. Love the color, love the heart print! But nike is more comfortable than adidas I think.

these cute nailpolishes with spring and barbie color! Nyx is better than Korea's nail polishes I think.

Logic and feelings. I try to make them similar, but I just can't. My brain says that my heart is free 100% but my heart sadly says not. There is always 2% until 5% hope, yes in my feeling. But everytime I see the fact, the real situation, my brain suddenly says "Okay. 100%". I ain't sure about my own feelings. But, just let it go. By the time passed, I may forget what had happened in my life.

At first, I thought that that was just the worst memories I've ever had. ...but finally I just realized that what my friend said is just actually true.. 'Yes, even the worst experience ever happened to you, it would be the sweetest memory you would ever have. why? Because it would never be repeated. And it just couldn't being forgotten.' must be 100%. Boys says logic. Girls says feelings. But I must go with my logic, so I won't be hurted :)

BONUS HAHAHA nothing failed for selca

anyway let me know your opinion about my new blog layout! Do you like this one or the past? xx

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  1. Awh, very cute ! Can't wait to see these items worn.
    Btw, there's a new post up on our blog, please let us know what you think ;)

    Afaf & Marwa

  2. aww Lisa you look super cute haha! love the bunny headbands :)love your new layout <3

    Anastasia's journal

  3. waa top polka sama black shoes gorgeous piece banget d <3 <3 <3

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  4. lovinggg the new pairs of shoesss! what lens are u using lisa?

  5. Lyzzie how have you been? hope things are great at your end. nice finds!

  6. i love all the shoes u bought! <33

  7. beautiful photos! your heels are gorgeous! :D

    cheer, michelle

  8. Hey,
    great post and a beautiful compilation of pictures!

  9. love your picks! especially the nike shoe! :) lovely!

  10. suka bgt sama running shoes shocking pink nya >< loadss of cool new stuff lisa!

  11. Lovely adidas! And nice colors of nail polish!

  12. amazing purchases :)
    have a nice day ♥

  13. wow I love those black shoes, they're so damn pretty!!
    Have a nice week! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  14. Love your adidas shoe! And cool new layout lisa ^^
    Have a wonderful day ♥

    Tata -

  15. running shoes are in now,..
    good choises dear :)
    polka dots.. loveit always


  16. Nice new things *-* especially the nike shoes

  17. So cuteee. Love your mango shoesss.

  18. Great purchases and lovely pics!


  19. omo your heels is to die for :3

  20. Lovely pieces. I love the heels, the hight of the heel is pretty amazing, and I'm sure they are comfortable to wear a whole day, right? :D

  21. well you are very good on this photography thingy, may i know what camera do you use? and btw i love that studded clutch :p


  22. great! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  23. great stuff! I love so much the clutch and the dotted bunny style headband. :)

    if you want, visit me

  24. Awh ci, your stuffs are really kawaii! >.<


  25. lovely stuffs lis, esp that cool nike sport shoes! omgomg. my opinion about ur new layout... it's too plain ._. but if you want to be minimalist, it's in the right path :)

    have a great week!

  26. sepatu lucu2 banget >.<

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    Hope you will join :)
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    visit my blog ^^

  27. oh im so in love too with your studded clutch! nice choice!<3

    and i like the new layout btw hehe :p

  28. thanks for stopping by :) love your polka dot top, clutch and heels!!

  29. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I like what you're doing here. My faves are of course the sneaks!!! Especially love the Adidas pair. And oh, the Mango sandal heels too ;)

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  30. omgomgomggg the red shoes from know sandara has one too...but not the exact same color..but it's still beautifull..

    margareta vania


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